Meeting our maths requirements

Improving your maths and filling any deficiencies

If you are offered a place at AUC it may be conditional on your filling a gap in your maths skills, in order to meet the requirements for your desired major. It might be a small gap (e.g. you are studying the appropriate level of maths but not getting high enough grades). Or you may need to do a lot of work to get your maths up to the level you need for your AUC studies.

If you are offered a place, AUC will advise you on the size of any deficiency you may have in maths, and any conditions you will have to meet before you can be admitted to AUC. Below we outline some of the options that we may recommend to you for meeting those conditions.

Sciences and Social Sciences majors: Boswell-Bèta 

Boswell-Bèta is AUC's preferred supplier for students who will need to take an additional course and/or exam in order to meet the maths requirements for a Sciences or Social Sciences major at AUC.

Smaller deficiencies

In August, Boswell-Bèta organises short preparatory maths courses on location at AUC that are designed especially for new AUC students. If you are offered a place at AUC, you will be advised if one of these four courses is appropriate for you, in order to ensure you are perfectly prepared for your AUC studies:

  • Mathematics for Sciences I
  • Mathematics for Sciences II
  • Mathematics for Social Sciences I
  • Mathematics for Social Sciences II

For more information on dates, costs and registration, please follow the link below to the Boswell-Bèta website.

Larger deficiencies

If your deficiency is too large for you to benefit from the short August courses, then we recommend you follow one of Boswell-Bèta's more extensive summer courses (in June/July) and take the Boswell-Bèta exam. The courses are taught in English and cover the Dutch VWO mathematics curriculum. A grade of 7.5 (out of 10) or higher in the exam will meet our requirements:

  • Sciences major: Boswell-Bèta course and exam in VWO Mathematics B (English)
  • Social Sciences major: Boswell-Bèta course and exam in VWO Mathematics A (English)

For more information on these courses, including dates, deadlines and costs, please follow the links below to the Boswell-Bèta website.

(Boswell-Bèta also offers these courses and exams in Dutch.)

Humanities majors

If you do not meet the maths requirement for your desired Humanities major, we recommend that you take the SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 1. A score of 600 or higher will be accepted. (See link below for SAT international test dates and registration deadlines, AUC's College Board code is 6700.) We recommend you take practice tests to prepare.

Alternative proof?

If you wish to fill your maths deficiency in a different way, or offer alternative proof, then you must check with AUC Admissions well in advance that it can be accepted.

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If you are taking your final secondary school exams this summer and want to get the best possible grades, you may be interested in the services of Students4You. This is an organisation set up and run by AUC students (completely independently of AUC) which offers personalised support for exam preparations. Created with prospective AUC students in mind, current AUC students offer tuition in a range of subjects including mathematics, sciences and languages. Follow the link below for more information.

17 January 2015