Your first-year programme

In your first year at AUC, you will take ten courses in total; five in the first semester and five in the second semester.

  • You should take one of the "Big Questions" courses being offered.
  • You will select your theme and follow an appropriate introductory course during the first semester.
  • You can freely choose two or three courses to take as electives. Most of these courses will be 100-level major courses, and therefore (depending on the subject) could count towards your major later on.
  • The remaining four or five courses in your first-year programme are filled with mandatory Academic Core courses on subjects such as academic writing skills, logic and mathematics methodology courses for students majoring in Social Sciences or Sciences (such as research methods and statistics, or calculus and algebra).  Humanities majors will follow a course in literary and cultural theory as their research methods course.
  • You will also take a course in a foreign language as part of the Academic Core and a course called "The Global Identity Experience."

Published by  Amsterdam University College

1 August 2017