At least half of your study programme is dedicated to your major, and another third to the Academic Core. But this means that there is still plenty of room in your programme for some freely chosen courses: your electives.

Broaden and extend your education

You can use your electives to broaden and extend your education in a variety of ways.

You may like to try out a range of different subjects, for example, and pursue a mixture of interests, or you might prefer to take your electives on a single subject, perhaps using them to create a ‘minor' programme of related courses.

Your future ambitions could also influence your choices: perhaps you will decide to use your electives to supplement your major and deepen your knowledge in certain subjects, ready for further studies at Master or PhD level.

Your tutor will help you to make the best use of your electives in your study programme.

You can select your electives from a wide range, including the courses being offered in other themes and majors (as long as you fulfil any prerequisites), and courses in the Academic Core that are not part of the requirements. There may also be some specially designed elective courses available, and/or courses offered in collaboration with other institutions.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

17 February 2017