AUC governing body

Amsterdam University College (AUC) is a cooperation of two science faculties of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU): the UvA Faculty of Sciences and the VU Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. 

The top governance of AUC is formed by the Deans (decanen) of these science faculties, and the AUC Dean reports to them. As AUC’s top governing body, the Deans of the science faculties report to the Executive Boards of the VU and UvA.

Members of AUC's top governing body 

The Deans of the science faculties of the UvA and VU for 2016-2017 and members of AUC's top governing body are: 

  • Prof. Dr. Nico van Straalen, Dean of VU Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Peter van Tienderen, Acting Dean of UvA Faculty of Sciences


The Deans of the science faculties are jointly responsible for AUC’s strategic management, its education policy and its implementation, its policies with regard to buildings, finances, and human resources, and its quality assurance system. They are also responsible for adopting AUC’s Academic Standards and Procedures and monitoring their implementation. They appoint the Board of Studies, the Board of Examiners and the International Advisory Board, and adopt AUC’s budget and year plan.

The Deans of the science faculties are supported by an advisory Board of Deans. 

Published by  Amsterdam University College

3 October 2016