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On 19 September 2014 Amsterdam University College will be celebrating its first Lustrum.

AUC Lustrum

AUC was established in 2009 as a joint excellence initiative of the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam. It also received generous support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (SIRIUS programme subsidy), from the City of Amsterdam (Topstad subsidy), and from a range of multinational companies which sponsor the AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF). In its first five years AUC has fulfilled its motto: “Excellence and diversity in a global city” with great enthusiasm.

During the Dies Natalis, Jet Bussemaker (Minister of Education, Culture and Science) will officially launch the initiative of the University Colleges in the Netherlands to establish a teaching track (educatieve minor) in a project financially supported by the Ministry, allowing the best students to graduate as qualified secondary-school teachers as part of their Bachelor degree.

Simone Kukenheim (Alderperson for Education, City of Amsterdam) will emphasise the importance of such a teacher training track, as Amsterdam also needs more and better teachers. This is also the goal of AUC’s programme with partner schools called “masters in teaching”, which engages experienced secondary-school teachers in teaching jointly with AUC faculty. The Alderperson will also present AUC’s 2014 Community Service Award to the best Community Project.

His Excellency Timothy Broas (US Ambassador to the Netherlands), who is himself a liberal arts and sciences graduate, will highlight from an international perspective the importance of liberal arts and science education for both academic and professional careers. He will also congratulate the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam on the five year anniversary of their unique and successful partnership.

The AUC Scholarship Fund sponsor’s address will be delivered by Marieke Spee (Global R&D, AkzoNobel), emphasising that excellence, diversity and interdisciplinarity are crucial in order to get your “ticket to the world” and to employment in the 21st century.

AUC's 2014 Awards for Excellence will be presented to the student, teacher, tutor and support staff of the year.

Following the formal celebration, AUC will be opening its campus to invited guests with the kind cooperation of Amsterdam Science Park, transforming the grounds around the iconic AUC building into an AUC Arts & Sciences Campus Festival. The Festival will feature students, faculty, alumni, sponsors, partners, and friends of AUC in a lively and varied programme of lectures, debates, musical performances, artistic presentations, demonstrations, experiments, and games of all kinds.

Guests will be free to stroll around the AUC campus to the different locations to enjoy the various activities and buy refreshments in an international atmosphere.