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This EDI took the form of a two-year-long project aimed at digitising a substantial part of AUC’s first- year Academic Core course "Introduction to Logic, Information, Argumentation."

Project description

The main idea driving this project was that students should learn the various tools and techniques taught in the course through experimentation with the material and not by passively reproducing ways of reasoning given to them. The project group set out to create a type of ‘logic and reasoning lab’ in and outside the classroom where students could freely explore the material at their own pace and on their own time. The group created a large number of online exercises and a large variety of exercise types where students could enjoy immediate feedback, trace their own progress and set their own challenges. 

Realisation of the project

The digital material was created within the SOWISO e-learning platform, an interactive learning environment primarily meant for teaching courses in mathematics. In this project, the group collaborated closely with SOWISO to expand the platform’s functionalities to make it appropriate for teaching logic. In the second year of the project , they were able to pilot part of the digital material that was created in the first year while teaching "Logic, Information, Argumentation." By the end of the second year of the project, they were able to also administer tests in digitally. 

The new digital material gradually led to a reorganisation and rewriting of the course, as well as a transformation of the role of the teacher in and outside of the classroom. It has invited more active participation and an explorative attitude from students. The integration of an e-learning environment in teaching the course also ensured the continuation of student learning throughout the disruptions caused in education during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Staff members 

  • Dora Achourioti (Project leader)

Student contributors

  • Lukas Busch
  • Hien Le
  • Bram Mak
  • Rover Samwel
  • Jonas van der Ham
  • Noortje ten Wolde
  • Jason Tsiaxiras (AUC alumnus)

Project start date

  • Academic Year 2018-2019