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This EDI saw AUC students working together with logic courses coordinator Dora Achourioti to create a number of videos to be used as supplementary material for teaching the first-year Academic Core course "Logic, Information, Argumentation."

Project description

The resulting videos of the project use a variety of different formats and ideas: from analysing the logic and argumentation found in existing movie clips to scripting original content, to visualising explanation of teaching material, to interacting with the viewer, and more. The goal of the videos is to engage students and invite them to interact with the course content in interesting and even entertaining ways sparked by their peers.  

Staff members 

  • Dora Achourioti (Project leader)

Student contributors

  • Loes van Keulen
  • Anne Roosenberg
  • Hynsuh Kim 
  • Hannah van Weers
  • Tomas Kaya

Project start date

  • Academic Year 2019-2020