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Ronald Koes teaches a the course Evolution and Development at AUC. He is a Professor of Developmental Genetics at the VU University. He graduated in Biology (Molecular Genetics) at VU University and received a PhD on an investigation on regulation of gene expression. He worked some 2 years for a company (Florigene) and then accepted an position as Assistant Professor at VU University in 1992, and since 2006 as full Professor. His research and teaching activities in this period focus on a fundamental question, which is easy to ask but not so easy to answer: How do complex organisms like animals and plants, with all their organs and tissues in the right places, develop from a single cell. The current research aims to unravel how small alterations in deeply conserved genes and mechanisms lead to the enormous variation in body shape and morphology seen today. Such an understanding of the molecular mechanisms that caused the divergence of organisms is essential to be able to apply knowledge obtained from yeast, fruittflies, mice or Arabidopsis plants, to humans or food crops.

Koes, Ronald