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Noam Knoller teaches “Media Psychology” at AUC. He is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Interdisciplinary Programme for the Fostering of Excellence, where he blended studies in the humanities with psychological experimentation and artistic production. This lead to the production of the world’s first interactive narrative film to employ gestural interaction on a touch screen, earning him an MFA Summa Cum Laude in Film and TV production (Tel Aviv University 2003) and an MA in interactive multimedia (Utrecht School of the Arts, 2004). He is currently writing a PhD thesis titled “Interfaces for Storytelling” at the University of Amsterdam, where he initiated the research group “Interface Studies”. Noam has also worked as a newsdesk editor (print and TV), radio DJ, video editor, dot com executive and interaction designer. He has previously taught film aesthetics, video editing and interactive multimedia production, digital media culture and game design.

Knoller, Noam