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Amsterdam University College will be the host venue for delegates from all over the world when the Amsterdam University College Model United Nations (AUCMUN) Conference takes place from 5-7 April 2019. Organised by an AUCSA student committee, the event provides a platform for university students to interact, debate, create plans of action and form long-lasting friendships in a global city.

AUCMUN Building 2019

Participants from around the world

Delegations from, amongst others, Cyprus, India, Greece, the US and Ghana will join other international delegates and AUC students in the academic building during the conference. AUCMUN 2019 will be the fourth and largest edition of the conference thus far, with a total of 300 university students gathering to discuss important issues within one of the 12 committees. The debates will cover topics including the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the consequences of China’s Belt and Road initiative, the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the illegal and substandard medication in LEDC’s and the need to stabilise the Horn of Africa.

Learning UN protocols and building relationships

Delegates will not only engage in meaningful debate together but will also have the chance to learn the protocols and procedures used in the United Nations. Throughout the weekend, AUCMUN will host multiple social events at prime locations, inviting all delegates to enjoy some quality time together, be it through formal networking or chatting over a drink or two.

AUCMUN has partners throughout Europe and Asia. Fellow MUN organisations in the Hague, Krakow, Ghent, Lyon, Vienna, Münster, Almaty, Jaipur and Islamabad have teamed up with AUCMUN as a partner conference, ensuring meaningful cooperation and mutual gain.

Organised by AUC students

The organising team behind AUCMUN consists of 24 motivated AUC students who are keen to look beyond borders, foster an international climate and search for new possibilities. This year’s conference is unique in its size, diversity and low delegate fee, which is made possible by the efforts of the organising team, and with the support from Amsterdam University College as a host.