Dean Murray Pratt visits South Korea and Hong Kong to discuss LAS curricula and meet with AUC partners

4 December 2018

From 18-29 November 2018, AUC Dean Prof. Dr. Murray Pratt visited South Korea and Hong Kong to present at two symposia on contemporary liberal arts and sciences education, meet with AUC partner universities in the region and touch base with AUC alumni studying and working in Asia.

Murray Pratt visit Dankook

Symposia on liberal education in Seoul and Daegu

With the popularity of liberal education growing in South Korea, Prof. Dr. Pratt was invited by the South Korean Ministry of Education, the Korean National Institute of General Education and the Korean Association of General Education to participate in two major international symposia aimed at increasing the country’s capacity and competency for liberal education (including both general education and liberal arts and sciences). Held in Seoul and Daegu, these two events presented valuable opportunities to bring together Korean university leaders, corporate representatives and international experts.

At the symposia, Prof. Dr. Pratt presented a paper titled A contemporary and relevant liberal arts and science curriculum, which makes the case for the necessity to continuously refresh liberal arts and sciences curricula, grounding theories of interdisciplinarity in experiential learning, and fostering creative, collaborative, constructive and compassionate skillsets in addition to critical ones.

The discussions after the event proved fruitful and focused on how liberal education can encourage innovation, interdisciplinarity and educational excellence in ways that hone students’ abilities to become lifelong learners, think outside the box and demonstrate ethical leadership in science and society. The symposia were also attended by representatives from University College Freiburg, ECOLAS, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, St. John’s College, and from Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Visits to Dankook, Hong Kong University and Chinese University of Hong Kong

During his trip, Prof. Dr. Pratt also managed to visit Dankook University in Seoul, and AUC exchange partner universities Hong Kong University (HKU) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

At Dankook, Prof. Dr. Pratt was invited to further discuss new approaches to liberal education that could be applicable to the South Korean context with the President and Deans of the university. At HKU, Prof. Dr. Pratt toured the facilities and met with key personnel, including AUC International Advisory Board Member Dr. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, and presented a paper to share the experiences of AUC course Culture Lab. Prof. Dr. Pratt concluded his trip by meeting with Prof. Mei-Yee Leung of the CUHK to explore possibilities for further cooperation and to learn more about the general education component of their programme.

During his time in South Korea and Hong Kong, Prof. Dr. Pratt also found time to catch up with AUC alumni and current AUC students who are participating in semester exchanges in Hong Kong.

Published by  Amsterdam University College