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Dr. Martha Montero-Sieburth was recently invited to be the guest editor of a special issue of the academic journal 'Intercultural Education' titled "Dialogues from the Global South to the Global North: Case Studies of Second Generation Youth and the Efficacy of Policies, Research and Practices in Intercultural Education”. AUC alumna Domiziana Turcatti also contributed to the publication.

Journal Intercultural Education AUC publish

Intercultural Education

The journal Intercultural Education aims to offer a variety of analyses that address issues of education in plural societies. Topics frequently covered include education in contemporary multicultural society, communication, human rights and pluralism in post-communist and post-colonial societies, amongst others.  

Contributions from AUC alumna and staff

The edition of the journal, Vol. 28, No. 4, August 2018, includes contributions acting as case studies and comparative studies from across the globe. Among the five articles presented, which represent cases from Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, the case of Moroccans in the Netherlands was authored by AUC alumna Domiziana Turcatti. 

A 2018 graduate, Turcatti’s article focuses on life histories collected through interviews with Moroccan Dutch youth in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Her research highlights the differences and challenges Moroccan Dutch youth face in the secondary school education system in the Netherlands. The article is closely linked to the work Turcatti did for her Capstone project at AUC, for which she received the designation of highest distinction for her outstanding Bachelor’s thesis.

In addition to being guest editor, Dr. Martha Montero-Sieburth further contributed to the journal by co-authoring an article titled "State-of-the-art review on policy and research of returning Mexican and stranded Central American youth: the absence of pluricultural/intercultural educational practice in Mexico" which analyses the intercultural education policies (or lack thereof) of the Mexican state meant for youth migrants from Central America. 

The publication is also exemplary of the synergies created in the AUC curriculum, with distinguished professors mentoring and working closely with students to produce original research.

Access the journal

For those interested in accessing the full issue, including Turcatti's article, please follow the link below.