NAHSS students recount their experiences in Asia

25 September 2018

Four AUC students were selected to participate in the prestigious Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS) during the summer of 2018. Now that Leon Lan, Femke Jansen, Jetske Ong and Peter-Jan Derks have completed their projects, they’ve had a chance to look back and reflect on what they accomplished in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu.

Blog posts throughout the summer

Throughout their time in Asia, all four students were asked to contribute a blog post to document what they were doing week-by-week. Femke Jansen described what it was like to prepare and go through the selection process of NAHSS. This included the exciting and sometimes stressful process of applying, interviewing and eventually choosing a project to work on for the summer. In his blog post, Peter-Jan Derks described the process of arriving and finding his routine in Hong Kong. With company visits two days a week, academic classes three times a week and a vibrant city waiting to be explored, Peter-Jan reveals how he managed to find a balance between all these activities.

Leon Lan recounted his cultural experiences in Chengdu, delving into the cuisine and beautiful landscapes of the Sichuan province. Jetske Ong concludes the series of blog posts by describing the group gathering of all NAHSS participants in the final week in Shanghai, where they not only went on company and community visits, but also held their final presentations about the group projects they completed over the summer.

View their final presentations

Although the summer may have ended, all the participants told how they would carry their experiences for the rest of their lives. With all members of the group having connections or affiliations with Asia, it will surely not be the last time that they visit or connect with NAHSS peers. For more information about the projects they completed for the NAHSS, view the PDF’s of their final presentation below and the associated article.

Published by  Amsterdam University College