Alumni share their stories from around Europe

19 September 2018

As the new academic year gets underway for current AUC students, it’s also a good moment to check-in with some AUC alumni to see what they’ve been up to in the months or years since they’ve graduated.

With the assistance of the AUC Alumni Association, former students Jesse Hettema, Tycho Tax, Marije Martens,  Julija Mockute, Jasmijn de Zeeuw and Jetske Ong took the time to give brief updates on the activities, studies, jobs and various initiatives they’ve been involved with since completing the AUC programme.

Jesse Hettema AUC Alumni

Jesse Hettema (Class of 2012)

"After graduating from AUC in 2012, I went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft. The AUC programme fit well with the multidisciplinary nature of the programme. The programme offered a broad view on various natural sciences, which was more interesting to me than other more specialised Master’s programmes. In my current role as an analyst at Eneco, leader in sustainable energy in the Netherlands, I make ample use of my multidisciplinary background to come up with strategies and develop views on the energy market. I still have a close group of friends from my years at AUC, which I regularly see and go on holiday with every summer."

Tycho Tax AUC Alumni

Tycho Tax (Class of 2014)

"After graduating from AUC in 2014, I completed the one year “zij-instroom” programme at the Amsterdam Medical Center before completing an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London. Since 2017, I work at, a Copenhagen based start-up which applies machine learning to help emergency dispatchers diagnose pathologies faster and more accurately. Balancing interdisciplinarity with the necessary expert knowledge to make large-scale impact is inherently challenging, but for me it’s exactly why my current work is exciting."

Marije Martens

Marije Martens (Class of 2015)

“After AUC, another AUC graduate and I went to Barcelona to film a documentary about the independence vote in 2015. We never finished the documentary, because while we were there, the idea for “Are We Europe” emerged. In 2016, we started our platform for European storytelling with two other AUC alumni and began creating magazines on themes that we thought might add to what it means to be European. Now, two years later, we are part of a journalism accelerator programme and our little student project is developing into a real journalistic start-up. In the meantime I supported myself by freelancing in consultancy and journalism, and last year I finally went back to do a Master’s programme at the University of Edinburgh.”

Julija Mockute Exhibition

Photo by Dick Rennings

Julija Mockute (Class of 2016)

"Since graduating from AUC, I have been completing a Master’s degree programme in Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam, which led me to a curatorial internship at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. The contemporary and modern art museum is one of the most progressive that I know of in the Netherlands, and has given me the opportunity to make my first exhibition In Poland, David Bowie was a woman, which touches on research I began while still at AUC."

Jasmijn de Zeeuw

Jasmijn de Zeeuw (Class of 2017)

"Together with a group of AUC and PPLE alumni, I pursued the one-year ‘schakelprogramma’ in Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam after graduating from AUC in 2017. During my LLB, I continued to work for the Dutch office of the Public International Law and Policy Group, where I broadened my knowledge of public international law and human rights. I became very interested in public interest litigation and decided to take a gap year to learn more about this field and gain practical experience. Currently, I am a legal intern at the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia, where I have the privilege to work with very passionate human rights activists engaged in litigation and advocacy to strengthen the rule of law in Namibia."

Jetske Ong AUC alumna

Jetske Ong (Class of 2018)

"After graduating from AUC, I was selected to participate in the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS), studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and working on a project on treasury management platforms for ING. Currently, I am one of the members of the Program Board of the NAHSS, which means that I am responsible for the organisation of the NAHSS 2019. The NAHSS is a public-private initiative that runs an intensive programme in both the Netherlands and China with one hundred excellent bachelor students being selected to participate each year. The aim of this programme is to strengthen ties between the Netherlands and Asia by offering these hundred students the opportunity to experience business, academics and culture in various regions of Asia."

Staying in touch via the AUC Alumni Association

AUC would like to thank Jesse, Tycho, Marije, Julija, Jasmijn and Jetske for sending in their contributions. After graduating, all students are invited to join the AUC Alumni Association, which serves as an independent association and platform for graduates to stay in touch with each other, find internship/job opportunities and organise social events wherever they may live. With chapters in the UK and the US, the activities, stories and initiatives started by these diverse individuals continues to grow each year. AUC looks forward to continue highlighting stories from our ever-expanding alumni community in the future.

Published by  Amsterdam University College