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AUC alumnus Jan Willem Bruggeman (Class of 2016) has recently been published in the academic journal ‘’Oncogene.” His article, “Massive expression of germ cell-specific genes is a hallmark of cancer and a potential target for novel treatment development” is not only noteworthy for the quality of the study, but also as a collaborative effort across AUC classes, with Bruggeman enlisting the assistance of AUC alumnus Paul Lodder (Class of 2018) to build a web-based application used in the study.

Oncogene Journal

Expanding on Capstone research

At the conclusion of all students’ academic careers at AUC, they are required to write a “Capstone”. The Capstone is a Bachelor’s thesis that stands as an original piece of scholarly research, bringing together the multiple disciplines and courses the student has studied. Over the course of the 2017, AUC alumnus Jan Willem Bruggeman (Class of 2016) expanded on his initial Capstone research by conducting laboratory work at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Medical Centre (VU AMC). This additional research concluded with the publication of his study in Oncogene, a peer reviewed academic journal published by the Nature Publishing Group. The prestigious journal is ranked 13 out of 211 journals in oncology by Thomson Reuters.

Bruggeman’s article, titled Massive expression of germ cell-specific genes is a hallmark of cancer and a potential target for novel treatment development, has further been supported by recent AUC graduate Paul Lodder (Class of 2018), who contributed by developing a web-based application used in the study, thereby granting him co-authorship of the paper in recognition of his efforts.

The synthesis of AUC expertise and alumni research has become an important dimension of developing AUC’s curriculum beyond the classroom. With an ever growing alumni base, AUC is proud to see many refer to their alma mater for advancing their research and ideas at their new institutions.

Annual Capstone Research Seminar

With the academic year coming to a close, we would also like to look back at the annual AUC Capstone Seminar which took place on 27 June 2018. The annual tradition of recognising AUC’s most distinguished theses has long afforded the institution an opportunity to showcase student talent to a wider academic audience. This year’s edition featured 12 students presenting their research projects to three different panels of experts from the UvA, VU, Waag Society, Equinix and AUC.