AUC wins 'Best Lawyers' at Amsterdam Law Trials for second year in a row

12 June 2018

On Friday, 8 June, an AUC team consisting of students Sarah Stapel and Klaudia Klonowska were named the Best Lawyer Team at the Amsterdam Law Trials moot court competition. In addition to the winning team, AUC student Tobias Traxler won the prize for Best Judge and AUC alumna Fatiya Munkaila won the prize for Best Public Debater.

Moot court competition of Amsterdam universities

In 2018, AUC students participated in the Amsterdam Law Trials for the second time. A four-month moot court competition, they have been partaking in simulated court proceedings against teams from UvA-PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) and the Honours programmes of University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The students from each of the universities are coached and guided by representatives from Amsterdam-based law firms and judges from the Amsterdam District Court. The proceedings are conducted in English, abiding by Dutch law and are judged by international rules of moot court procedure.

From AUC, nine students participated, along with AUC alumna Fatiya Munkaila, who was representing the Amsterdam Honours College of Law (UvA). 

Final competition at the Singelkerk

The final competition took place on Friday, 8 June, at the Singelkerk in Amsterdam. After a long process, it was decided that the AUC team of Sarah Stapel and Klaudia Klonowska were the Best Lawyer Team, winning their case. Additionally, Tobias Traxler won the prize for Best Judge. For their efforts, each member of the team and Tobias will be awarded 1500 EUR to use toward pursuing a Master’s degree in Law, provided by Boom Juridische Uitgevers.

Congratulations to the AUC participants

AUC would like to congratulate all of the students who participated in the Amsterdam Law Trials, including the following from AUC:

  • Sarah Stapel
  • Klaudia Klonowska 
  • Nora Kajamaa 
  • Thomas Vos 
  • Gregory Erickson 
  • Bibi-Ann Hesselink 
  • Tobias Traxler
  • Rimma Samir 
  • Welmoed van der Leij

AUC would also like to especially acknowledge AUC student Laurien Knorringa and Prof. Tanja Aalberts for helping organise the Amsterdam Law Trials competition and guiding the students through the process of the competition.

Published by  Amsterdam University College