AUC earns Top Rated Programme designation for 2016

3 November 2015

We are proud to announce that Amsterdam University College has been awarded a top rating in the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2016.

What makes a top programme

Bachelor programmes with this designation represent the top national university programmes according to the guide. The seal is especially meaningful because the Keuzegids is one of the only independent consumer guides that compares the quality of all national degree programmes in the Netherlands. This means that independent and diverse groups of both students and experts have been asked to give their opinions about many aspects of university life, from faculty to facilities and more.

The rankings are based on the national Studiekeuzedatabase from June 2015 and are updated using a variety of other data sources, including the Nationale studentenenquete 2015 for the opinions of students, the evaluation of expert panels such as the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and the reports of the panels NVAO have consulted themselves. The resulting score weights success-related indicators and personal evaluations equally. For more information on how the scores are calculated and more details about the resulting indices, please visit the Keuzegids website via the link below. 

AUC in the Keuzegids

AUC received a "++" rating and scored 80/100, which means the programme ranks among the very best in the country and can feature the ‘Top Rated Programme’ seal on the website and in study material. AUC ranked especially high in the “skills” (including argumentation, problem solving and communication) and “expert opinion” categories.  

The Keuzegids Bachelor 2016 is published by the Centre for Higher Education Information ( Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie, or C.H.O.I.). 

Published by  Amsterdam University College