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The celebration of the Days of the Dead is a uniquely Mexican tradition, combining the Pre-Hispanic tradition of honouring the dead with Spanish influences of the Catholic Church. Throughout Mexico and in other parts of the world, Mexicans remember their departed on 1 November and 2 November.

Event details of Celebration of the Days of the Dead at AUC
Date 5 November 2019
Time 12:30 -14:00
Lithograph of José Guadalupe Posada

This blended (mestizo) cultural celebration is yearly recreated at AUC for faculty, students and visitors interested in learning about Mexican culture. This year, the event is organised by members of the student body, Modern Languages AUC and Social Sciences. It's sponsored by the Social Sciences department.

All are invited to bring a memento or photo of their loved ones to place on the altar created by students. The traditional bread of the dead and songs of Mexico will end the celebration.  


 Dr. Martha Montero-Sieburth is a former AUC lecturer in the social sciences and humanities with a background in anthropology. For the past four decades, she has collected Mexican cultural and social traditions which she presents as an extension of her own Mexican heritage.

Special presentation by Patricia Bol, Mexican international soprano folk singer who has often presented at AUC and will share a repertoire of songs sung to the dead.

Appearance of “La Catrina”: Ileana Alicia Wolters, UNESCO dance expert and choreographer  

The Bread of the Dead is made possible by Angelica Cabrera, owner of Ay Caramba, a bakery specialising in Mexican breads and food. 

Location: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenor:  Dr. Carmela Artime, Language Coordinator at AUC