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This seminar discusses the Kremlin’s use of Islam as a pillar of national identity, against Islam as a destructive force. How is Islam organised in the Russian Federation, what is the function of Russia’s Muftiates? How is Islam used in domestic and foreign policies? What do the Kremlin’s policies towards Islam have in common with Moscow’s use of the Russian Orthodox Church, for instance, with regard to governing RF republics such as Chechnya and Tatarstan, with their Muslim majority populations? Which religious policies does the Kremlin employ with regard to the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Syria?

Detail Summary
Date 10 December 2018
Time 12:30 -13:45

Michael Kemper, professor of Eastern European History at the University of Amsterdam

Location: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenor: Dr. Maxim Kupovykh