Conceptualisation of Integration at Multiple Levels with a focus on the Dutch Case

28Nov2018 18:00 - 20:00


Integration is a concept, process, set of policies and practices that are closely linked to migration and the adaptation and incorporation of immigrants in receiving countries. Considered to be a two way process, understanding how different political and social actors perceive immigrant integration is critical.

In this lecture, Dr. Rinus Penninx, Emeritus professor of Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam, will deliver a three-part lecture. The first part will focus on the non-normative analytical definition of the integration process and integration policies that have been developed, identifying the main dimensions, parties involved, levels of analysis and other relevant factors such as time and generation in the field. Second, it will address integration policies directly, meaning identifying the intentions and efforts of actors to steer integration processes towards wanted outcomes. Third, it will attempt to answer the question of what lessons can be taken from the study of integration at the local levels and from a particular focus on the Dutch case and the reception and integration of refugees.  The lecture will conclude with a reflection of Stichting Civic, a foundation that aims at evidence-based improvement of Dutch civic integration policy.


Rinus Penninx is emeritus professor of Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam. He has been involved in the field of migration and integration in several capacities. His report `Ethnic Minorities’ (1979) formed the starting point for integration policies in the Netherlands. He then worked in Dutch Ministries on integration research and policy-making (1978-1988). He founded the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 1993. From 1999 to 2009, he was co-chair of the International Metropolis project. He was coordinator of the IMISCOE Network of Excellence (2004-2009) and the IMISCOE Research Network (2009-2014). His most recent books include: Migrant Integration: Policy Research Dialogues (with Peter Scholten, Han Entzinger and Stijn Verbeek, Springer 2015); Integration processes and policies in Europe. Contexts, Levels, Actors (with Blanca Garcés–Mascareñas, Springer 2016) and Trade Unions and Migrant Workers in Europe (with Stefania Marino and Judith Roosblad, Edward Elgar 2017).

Location: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenor: Dr. Martha Montero Sieburth

Published by  Amsterdam University College