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At least two major narratives on the Stalinist past compete for the public space – the stories of the victims and survivors, still seeking recognition by and compensation from the government even as the last Gulag survivors die out, and the official redacted history, aimed at sanitising Stalin’s repression. This lecture will look at the development, nature and consequences of the Stalinist terror and highlight a number of life stories of Gulag returnees gathered in the course of three oral history projects in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. It will focus on how post-Soviet Russia has come to terms with seven decades of state-sponsored terror and pose the question of whether it is too early or too late to seek recognition and accountability.

Detail Summary
Date 18 October 2018
Time 12:30 -13:45
Nanci Adler

Prof. Nanci Adler, Professor of Memory, History and Transitional Justice (NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies/University of Amsterdam).

Location: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenor: Dr. Maxim Kupovykh