What does academia mean to you?

03May2019 12:30 - 14:00


Try to visualise a scientist or professor. It could very well be that you immediately visualised a white, middle-aged man. According to Ingeborg van der Ven this can, and has to, change. During her lecture, she will talk about women in leadership positions in the fields of sciences and humanities. By addressing topics such as (sexual) intimidation and the portrayal of women in media, she will try to show differences and similarities between men and women, but most importantly she will ask you what academia means to you.


Journalist and former editor at ScienceGuide.nl Ingeborg van der Ven studied public administration at Leiden University. She graduated on the topic of mental health of PhD in regards to academic leadership. In November 2017, Ingeborg started an investigation into experiences of (sexual) intimidation in academia. The series was nominated for the prize for education journalism 2018, was mentioned in the newest policy letter on academia and inspired a play. Ingeborg is now writing a book on female leadership inside Dutch Higher Education.

Location: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenor:  AUCSA Diversity Commission

Published by  Amsterdam University College