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This talk explores the processes of seeing oneself in a film and enacting oneself for one, which I refer to as filmic self-perception and self-enactment. In the former, one is confronted with their own bodily presence on a screen, while the later involves an improvisation of an aspect of one’s identity for a film.

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Date 30 April 2019
Time 18:30 - 20:00
Whos in Town, Nadica Denic

I explore these phenomena from an enactive-ecological approach, which understands the relationship between the brain, body and environment as co-dependent and perception as affordance-based, where affordances are resources available in an environment that provide possibilities for action. Their relationship is addressed via three recent docufiction films - All These Sleepless Nights (Michal Marczak, 2016), You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (Pawel Lozinski, 2016) and Olmo and the Seagull (Petra Costa and Lea Globb, 2014). The explored films exemplify the variety of ways in which one can embody the hybridity between a self and a filmic-self during the self-enactment process.

Speaker: Nadica Denic graduated cum laude from AUC in 2016, after which she pursued a Research Master degree in Media Studies from University of Amsterdam, graduating in 2018. She currently works as a program advisor for International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).
Venue: Room 1.02
Convenor: Dr. Allard den Dulk