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Recent geopolitical events such as Brexit and the US turning its back on international trade and cooperation create waves of uncertainty in higher education regarding international cooperation, the free movement of students, academics, scientific knowledge and ideas. Meanwhile China is launching new global initiatives with its New Silk Road (or One Belt One Road) project, which could potentially span and integrate major parts of the world across the Euro-Asian continents, but likely on new and different conditions, also for higher education.

Event details of The New Silk Road
Date 24 May 2018
Time 17:30 -19:00
Marijk van der Wende, Whos in Town

How will the NSR affect European higher education and research? What types of academic flows and activities emerge along the NSR, how do universities respond, under what conditions are these activities taking place, who defines these, based on what values, and do we actually understand these values at all? 


Marijk van der Wende is AUC’s Founding Dean and Distinguished Professor of Higher Education at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. Her research focuses on the impact of globalisation and internationalisation on higher education. She initiated and coordinates the research project on The New Silk Road: Implications for higher education and research cooperation between China and Europe

Joris van Schie  is an AUC student (Class of 2018) who carried out his research internship on the New Silk Road project and wrote his capstone theses on the EU’s response to the rise of China in higher education.

Location: Common Room 
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, Amsterdam 1098 XG
Convenor: Florian Verbeek is an AUC alumnus (Class of 2012) and PhD student at the Faculty of Education of Hong Kong University.