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It's about that time of the year where students start thinking about their plans for after AUC. Are you a third-year preparing to leave AUC? Perhaps you're in your second year and want to figure out what your next steps should be. Or maybe you're in your first year and just curious about what AUC alumni have done after graduating! Join us for the AUC Master’s and Career Week 2021 and find out what your options are!

Event details of AUC Master's and Career Week 2021
Start date 19 April 2021
End date 23 April 2021


The AUC Master's and Career Week 2021 will consist of a workshop on life after AUC by Hello Mentor, an Alumni Q&A in collaboration with SEC and The Herring, extra opportunities to book an individual UvA coaching session and the 'Your Next Steps Challenge'.

19 April | Setting Career Goals Like a Pro hosted by Hello Mentor  

Time: 15.00-16.30 

In this interactive session, Hello Mentor (represented by Quincy Dalh) will give you the tools, tips and tricks on how to set your career goals like a professional. He will talk about "Ikigai", how Harvard students learn to set goals and will give insights into important career themes and skills. 

19 & 21 April | One-on-one coaching sessions

Extra coaching sessions from the UvA's career services office will be taking place during the AUC Master's & Career Week. Current AUC students can click here to sign up for a session. Please note that these sessions can only be booked 3 weeks in advance and tend to fill up very fast, so be sure to note it in your agenda when you sign up!

20 April | Alumni Q&A: Moving Beyond Your Major  

Time: 18.00-19.30 

In this Q&A organised jointly by AUC, SEC and The Herring, we will discuss life after AUC with an interdisciplinary focus. Two of our alumni, Hidde Griek and Madelief van Dongen, will discuss what steps they took after AUC and answer all your burning questions about interdisciplinary paths. 

Before 23 April| Your Next Steps Challenge 

Deadline: Sign up before 23 April 2021 

Do you want to get as much as possible out of the AUC Master's and Career Week? Join the 'Your Next Steps Challenge' and get a chance to win a 50 EUR voucher. All you have to do is attend the AUC Master's and Career Week and share with us what you learned. Sign up and more information is available via the regular event sign-up form above