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During an Open Day, you will be able to learn all about the AUC academic programme through diverse information sessions, tours of the academic building and student residences, and speaking directly to lecturers, tutors, admissions officers and students!

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Date 18 January 2020
Time 11:00 -15:00
AUC Open Day November 2016,Amsterdam University College,AUC,Netherlands

Open Day Activities and Programme

The Open Day offers an engaging programme that gives visitors a holistic impression of the AUC student experience.

Welcome and introduction

Each of the Open Day sessions begins with an introduction by the AUC Dean, Prof. Dr. Murray Pratt, to help you get acquainted with the AUC curriculum and framework of the academic programme. This official welcome is then followed by a short introduction by the Student Association (AUCSA) and Student Council (AUCSC) to offer insight into what life is like at AUC from a student perspective. An alumni representative concludes this presentation to give their opinion on which portions of the AUC programme helped them with their current academic and career pursuits. 

Academic experience and sample lectures

The day continues with a variety of sample lectures, meet and greets, scholarship information, informal presentations and opportunities for one-on-one chats with students and staff. The sample lectures are a highlight of the Open Day, allowing students and parents/guardians to get an impression of what an AUC class is like. Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, the three majors at AUC, are all represented by core faculty members who help in explaining the majors, themes, specialisations and topics of study at AUC.

Life outside of the classroom

An Open Day isn’t only about academics, but also gives you a sense of life outside the classroom at AUC. The Community Projects and Internships Office will hold an ongoing question and answer session to showcase the variety of companies, foundations and projects students work with both in Amsterdam and further abroad. Building on this international connection, the AUC International Office organises a drop-in information area where they explain the extensive exchange network and opportunities for studying abroad during your time at AUC.

For a true look at student social life, the AUC Student Association asks committee representatives to highlight the various social clubs and activities students partake in. Furthermore, you will be able to literally see how a student lives by taking a tour of the student residences!

Special information for parents/guardians

Choosing a university can be a big decision for both students and parents. During the Q&A and information sessions, parents are encouraged to participate and ask questions regarding the AUC experience. These information sessions often spill over to other portions of the Open Day such as scholarship opportunities, admissions requirements and what life is like for graduates. Additionally, a group of experienced AUC tutors organise a special information session specifically for parents/guardians in order to address concerns about campus life at AUC or living in Amsterdam.

Still have questions?

If at the end of the programme you still have questions, the Heads of Studies, admissions officers, members of the AUC core faculty, alumni and current AUC students will all be available to help you get the answer! 

We look forward to meeting you on Saturday, 18 January 2020 at AUC!