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The 2022 edition of the AUC Capstone Forum will take place on Wednesday 29 June in the AUC Common Room.

Event details of AUC Capstone Forum 2022
Date 29 June 2022
Time 15:15 -18:00
Location Amsterdam University College (AUC)
Room Common Room (0.08)
Capstone Forum, discussing poster projects

AUC students, staff and members of the community are invited to attend the rounds that will allow participants to engage with some of the best research work that students have produced this year, both through short pitches and one-on-one or small group conversations.

Presenting student research

The Capstone Forum (formerly known as the Capstone Seminar) is an annual event during which third-year AUC students showcase their capstone projects (Bachelor's theses). The capstone project is the culmination of students' time at AUC where they are encouraged to conduct independent research within their chosen area of specialisation. 

Those students who have theses that have scored highly are invited to present their work. These students will pitch their work at the start of each round and then they can discuss their topic, methods, analyses and conclusions in-depth at their market stand. Visitors are encouraged to join at the start of a round to hear which topics will be up for discussion and engagement, followed by time to visit stands from individual students to hear more about their work and questions raised by the pitch at the start.

Programme AUC Capstone Forum 2022

15.15 Opening                                                                                                                                                          

Round 1

Student pitches (20 minutes)

  1. Blanca Gonzalez Martinez (SSC): "How and When Can Participation Foster Engagement?  Lessons From Torres, Venezuela, for a Healthier Democratic Future"
  2. Clara Freiin von Stackelberg (HUM): "Confessions of a Survivor: Navigating Censorship in Charlotte Salomon's 'Leben oder Theatre?"
  3. Eleanor Dare Swanson (SCI): "The adverse relationship between citrullination and remyelination in white matter pathologies of multiple sclerosis"
  4. Iris Jong (SSC): "How 1.5 metres Distance Connects:  Analysing Aspects of Community Formation and Political Mobilization within  the COVID-inspired Social Movement in the Netherlands"
  5. Lynne Mathies (SCI): "Single Versus Combination Pharmacotherapy for Hypothalamic Obesity: Treating the Untreatable?"
  6. Sophie Duncan (SCI): "Investigating the Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Social Vulnerability in Jamaica and Dominica"
  7. Thea Bladt Hansen (HUM): "Commemorative Processes and Slavery Memorials in the Netherlands"
  8. Ila Shapiro (HUM): "Exploring a Postcritical Approach to Film With the Use of Sciamma's Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (2019)"
  9. Lesley Spedener (SSC): "Set a Time Limit? Results of a 1-week reduction of social network site use on affective well-being among students in Amsterdam"

Open Market (40 minutes)

16.20 Break

Round II

Student pitches (20 minutes)

  1. Ada de Gooyer (HUM): "On Cute: TikTok and the Aesthetics of Alienaton"
  2. Caterina Luce Bonini (SSC): "The Economics of Phosphorus: Does its Price Reflect its Attributes?"
  3. Danielle Matlin-Wainer (SCI): "The Mechanism and Timing of Martian Magnetic Field Cessation"
  4. Elisa Goppion (SSC): "Community, excellence, and diversity—can universities really have it all?"
  5. Mela Miekus (HUM): "Painting Post-War Poland: Exploring Polish-Jewish History through Wilhelm Sasnal’s Such a Landscape"
  6. Vivan Lamot (SCI): "The Relationship between Serum Uric Acid Levels and Psychosocial Stress in Ghanaian Migrants: Findings from the RODAM Study"
  7. Adriana Scribani (SSC): "Disappearing through the Border: Narrating the Desaparecidos through the Argentinian Diaspora in Europe"
  8. Ignacio Sánchez Abenante (HUM): "Female Interiority and Transgressive Power in Contemporary Adaptations of Classical Mythology: Reimagining Witchcraft as a Reclamation of the Marginalized Narratives of Women in Homer’s Witch of Aiaia & Madeline Miller’s Circe through the lens of (Feminist) Revisionist Mythmaking"

Open Market (40 minutes)

18.00 Closing
Amsterdam University College (AUC)

Room Common Room (0.08)

Science Park 113
1098 XG Amsterdam