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People who dare to question important themes today are often silenced or labeled as suspicious and dangerous. Where once democracies valued and encouraged debate, society is dividing itself with stark lines between the left, the right, the good or the bad. This is what Dutch documentary maker Marijn Poels experiences in PARADOGMA.

Event details of Why true liberty needs heretics
Date 13 November 2018
Time 13:00 -15:30
Whos in Town Marijn Poels AUC

What is strangling debate? How liberal is the West? Should we ignore or embrace other perspectives? PARADOGMA is a critical, thought-provoking journey through ancient tribal conflicts in a new era wherein worldviews clash and free speech crumbles under pressure to conform.

The confirmation of your own paradigm over and over again makes you stop thinking. Being skeptical about your view and open up to other opinions can be confronting and even offended. But in any case, it’s the only way in which we can learn, understand and grow up, together. - Marijn Poels


PARADOGMA is the second part in the planned trilogy by serial award-winning documentary filmmaker Marijn Poels. Its first part, THE UNCERTAINTY HAS SETTLED, discussed the science of climate change. Poels’ documentaries have been lauded by juries and audiences of film festivals around the world.

Location: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenor: Dr. Melvin Schut