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Sample lectures at AUC

Prospective students who are thinking of applying to AUC frequently want to know what a class is like. With the diversity of courses offered, it can be difficult to choose a single representative class, as AUC students also take lab courses, conduct fieldwork outside of the classroom, participate in group work, immersive projects, give presentations and the subject matter often spans the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. Nevertheless, we want to give prospective students the opportunity to get a feel for how course material is presented, the style of lectures and how subjects are approached in the classroom. 

Due to the pandemic, most classes taking place at AUC have adopted a hybrid model of education. This means that about half of the course takes place on-campus and the other half online. For the sample lectures below, the entire activity will take place online so that you can experience what the online component of classes is like and better understand how course material is discussed. 

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Results: 1 of 1
  • AUC sample lecture - Socrates
    AUC online sample lecture: "What is the right thing to do? A philosophical approach" by Dr. Emma Cohen de Lara
    15 Apr 2021 15:30 - 17:00 Information event
    In order to give prospective students a better sense of what classes are like at AUC, Dr. Emma Cohen de Lara will deliver a sample lecture titled "What is the right thing to do? A philosophical approach" on Thursday ...