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Results: 21 - 32 of 32
Results: 21 - 32 of 32
  • 'If you want to think for yourself'
    7 Jul 2012
    'Als je zélf wilt nadenken'. Interview (in Dutch) with a Class of 2012 graduate.
  • 'Drie jaar onderwijs op z'n Amerikaans'
    4 Jul 2012
    Interview (in Dutch) with three Class of 2012 graduates in the Amsterdam-based newspaper Parool.
  • 'The hidden dimension of internationalisation'
    1 Feb 2011
    'De verborgen dimensie van internationaliseringing', an article in Dutch in the magazine 'Transfer'.
  • 'What is missing in the Netherlands is a leading group of high achievers'
    1 Jul 2010
    'We missen in Nederland een kopgroep die heel goed presteert'. Article (in Dutch) in LRPLN magazine.
  • 'More than average'
    21 May 2010
    'Meer dan gemiddeld'. Interview (in Dutch) with three Class of 2012 students in Folia.
  • Princess Máxima Arrives at AUC.
    Princess Maxima visits AUC
    29 Mar 2010
    On Monday 29 March, Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of The Netherlands visited Amsterdam University College (AUC) where she met students and staff. (Copyright video: CampusTV &
  • Jasmin Thielen
    'You study at AUC because you know what you want'
    1 Mar 2010
    'Je studeert aan het AUC omdat je weet wat je wilt'. Article (in Dutch) in the annual report of the University of Amsterdam
  • AUC Student Thiandi Grooff profiled in Folia
    5 Feb 2010
    'Het is toch ongelooflijk, voor iemand als ik?'. Interview (in Dutch) with Thiandi Grooff in Folia.
  • Lodewijk Asscher, Alderman of Education in Amsterdam Talks About AUC
    1 Feb 2010
    'Ik heb een beginnetje gemaakt'. Interview (in Dutch) with Lodewijk Asscher.
  • AUC featured on local television
    30 Sep 2009
    Interview with two Class of 2012 students about AUC
  • Opening AUC
    Opening AUC
    22 Sep 2009
    On 22 September 2009, AUC officially opened its doors in the presence of former mayor Job Cohen, elderman of education Lodewijk Asscher, rector magnificus of the VU University Amsterdam Prof. Dr. Lex Bouterse and ...
  • 'Een streepje voor'
    22 Sep 2009
    Interview (in Dutch) with three AUC Class of 2012 students in Folia