Sport, Social and Cultural Activities

At AUC, numerous social and cultural activities are organised to foster a vibrant international student community. Catch, the AUC Student Association’s committee focused on sports, organises several sporting events throughout the year. AUC’s sports teams and activities include a football, rugby, basketball, volleyball and hockey team which practice on a weekly basis and participate in local matches. Other activities include ice-skating, rock climbing, paintball, participating in the Batavierenrace and in the inter UC-tournament.

The Batavierenrace  is the biggest student relay race in the world, covering 175 km from Nijmegen to Enschede, divided into 25 stages varying from 3.3 km to 11.2 km. A total of 350 teams participated in last year’s edition.

The inter-UC tournament is organised by the University College Student Respresentatives of the Netherlands (UCSRN).  Students from different University Colleges in the Netherlands compete against each other in different fields. AUC students excelled in the inter-UC tournament of 2013 during which they won both the male and female soccer games, as well hockey, basketball and volleyball.

In 2015, AUC hosted the inter-UC tournament and managed to win the UCSRN trophy for the first time. In 2016 and 2017, AUC once again won the UCSRN tournament, which was hosted University College Utrecht and at Amsterdam University College, respectively. 

UC Tounament 2013
UC Tournament 2013

Universum Sports Center on campus

Furthermore, all AUC students have the opportunity to become members of Universum Sport Center (USC) at sharply discounted rate. The USC is located directly across the AUC academic building and offers fitness facilities and a wide range of classes covering everything from swimming to rock climbing. The USC also has several gyms, a sauna, tanning beds and a sports café called Oerknal.

At AUC, emphasis is also placed on social and cultural activities. The AUC Student Association (AUCSA) organises a wide array of activities and initiatives including  a yearly volunteer week, performing arts committees, regularly screenings of art house films, weekly debating sessions, art workshops (i.e. origami) and much, much more. Explore what the AUCSA has to offer via the link below.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

21 February 2018