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Do you have questions about life at AUC, the dorms or just want to know how it feels to be an AUC student? Get in touch with Berend Jansen or Sophia Worth, recent AUC graduates, who can tell you more about the AUC campus, dorms, academic programme and can answer questions regarding other topics about life at AUC! 

Berend Jansen

Berend Jansen, Class of 2018

Berend Jansen, Class of 2018, Sciences Major

"When looking for Bachelor’s programmes, I focused on universities with an international character and a diverse student body. I found it important to be surrounded by students with different backgrounds, academically as well as socially. Studying at AUC allowed me to specialise in and combine different fields such as Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Furthermore, exploring other fields outside of your major was encouraged and showed the benefits of a Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. Besides the challenging academics, AUC also provided an amazing social environment. Living on an international campus in the city of Amsterdam is a unique experience I will never forget. On top of that, there are many extracurricular activities and opportunities to develop various skills. For example, I was part of the board of the Student Association as Committee Affairs Officer and Vice-Treasurer. I was also part of one of the 28 committees that organised weekly events for the student body. AUC allowed me to develop academically, socially and professionally.​"

Sophia Worth Bright

Sophia Worth, Class of 2018

Sophia Worth, Class of 2018, Sciences Major

"I came to the Netherlands from the UK because I wanted to study Liberal Arts and Sciences. I am extremely pleased with my choice, for several reasons. Firstly, the flexibility of the curriculum has allowed me to explore different areas of study and different perspectives in academia. I am now eligible to apply for Master's programmes that will suit both my interests and abilities well, and I am equipped to look at problems through different lenses. Secondly, the organisation of AUC allows for close contact among AUC students and between students and staff. They share their knowledge and perspectives, and, in the case of the students, their living space, and thus learn a great deal from each other. Thirdly, I am also happy to have had the access to the many opportunities that come with living in the city of Amsterdam, and also being a part of its two largest universities. Finally, I have been able to be involved in the governance of this small and exciting institution, mostly through my role as a Board of Studies member in my final year at AUC, but also because there are various opportunities for involvement that include all students. All considered, it has been a challenging and exciting few years that I am very grateful to have had. "

Published by  Amsterdam University College

21 August 2018