Life in the Netherlands

Discover Dutch culture

Living in the Netherlands you will experience first-hand a famously tolerant society and learn how it has become a safe haven over the centuries. You will see evidence of its former status as a colonial power and seafaring nation, and discover how its position at the mouth of the river Rhine has ensured the importance of international (overseas) trade throughout its history, leaving its mark on this very outward-looking and internationally oriented country and its people. You will become familiar with its age-old battle with the sea, and its very special relationship with water. You will also discover how, although only a small country in terms of geographic size and population, it has remained among the top economic powers in the world. Dig a little deeper and take the time to get to know the Netherlands, and you will surely be fascinated by the rich and diverse Dutch heritage, traditions and different facets of Dutch culture.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

6 April 2018