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Practical matters and essential resources

Introduction Week 2021: 30 August-3 September

You can review the essential documents and overview of where you can find need-to-know practical information to help you get started as a student at Amsterdam University College.

  • Review coronavirus measures before coming to campus

    While the 1.5-metre social distancing requirement will be lifted from 30 August for higher education, a number of additional measures will remain in place in order to ensure everyone's safety.

    • Face masks will be mandatory again in the campus buildings. You may remove your face mask in class once everyone has taken their seat or designated position to stand.
    • This includes a maximum group size of 75 people per room. This also applies to seating in restaurant areas and so will be the maximum seats permitted in the Common Room. Study places in the building can reopen, but a maximum of 75 applies to each study area as well. Project rooms are not yet open for student use.
    • We will continue to take additional measures related to hygiene. These include the availability of extra entrances/exits, walking routes, optimal ventilation, additional cleaning efforts and disinfection facilities.
    • Staff should continue to work from home whenever possible.
    • Students and staff are encouraged to test themselves twice a week (self-tests are still available for free from the national website). Self-tests should not be used if you have COVID symptoms (in that case stay home, and get tested by GGD).
    • Students and staff with COVID-related symptoms must stay home and get tested at the Municipal Health Service (GGD).
  • Getting started: UvAnetID, Canvas and AUC Portal

    UvAnetID: your student ID number and log-in

    As an AUC student, you are officially registered at both of AUC's parent institutes: the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). In the coming weeks, you should receive an email from the University of Amsterdam with your "UvAnetID". Your UvAnetID serves as your student ID number and your username for logging in to many of the administrative systems, including the internet and printing services, used at both AUC and the UvA. Please note, that some students are registered at the UvA first and others are registered at the VU first. Although you will eventually be registered at both universities, there can be some delay in receiving your UvAnetID if you are "VU first". You don't need to take any additional action if other students receive their UvAnetID before you do. 

    Please note that for most administrative systems you will use your UvAnetID.


    For both coursework and practical information, AUC uses the digital learning environment known as Canvas. This online platform is where you will find all practical information for AUC students and where you will receive course information, assignments, feedback and grades from your lecturers for your classes. You will automatically be enrolled in the digital course modules for which you are registered in addition to the Student Information module where you can find an overview of resources, processes and procedures at AUC. Once you have your UvAnetID, you can log in to Canvas using the link below. 

    AUC Portal

    AUC Portal is the online course registration system used by Amsterdam University College. In AUC Portal, you can view which courses you are currently registered for and can also indicate whether you are currently taking courses on-campus or remotely. You will also be able to see your course schedule, including which classes are taking place online, the location of your on-campus classes and a helpful course planning tool. You will be using AUC Portal to register for courses throughout your time at AUC (the instruction manuals are available on Canvas). Once you have your UvAnetID, you can log in to view your course schedule. 

  • Receiving your student ID card

    Your student ID card will be issued by the University of Amsterdam. 

    How to apply for your student card

    You will need to visit the website here to apply for your student card. You will need your UvAnetID in order to apply for your card. You will also need to upload a photo for your student card and you can read more about the requirements and how to upload your student photo via the site below. 

    When your student card is ready for pick-up, you will receive an email on where you can collect it. It will be at a different location than the AUC building, and you will need to bring a valid proof of identity (ID card or passport) when you collect your card.

    You will need your student card for printing, paying for vending machines and borrowing books from the University Library. Additionally, you should bring your student card when registering with the municipality of Amsterdam. 

  • Opening a Dutch bank account

    Once in the Netherlands, it’s useful to open a Dutch bank account. With the debit card you receive when opening a Dutch bank account, it is easy and free of charge to pay at supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, shops and nearly all other services in the Netherlands.

    To open a Dutch bank account, you will need:

    • A valid passport or ID card (for non-EU students a passport is sufficient)
    • Proof of enrolment at AUC
    • Your rental contract showing that you will be living in the student residences in the Netherlands
    • A BSN number (the social security number assigned by the Dutch government when you register with the municipality of Amsterdam)

    Choose a bank

    There a several banks in the Netherlands where you can open a student bank account. Not all banks offer English-language information on their websites about how to open an account, but you can read more on the websites of ABN AMRO and ING.

    Especially with the coronavirus measures in place, it can take some time to register with your municipality and get your BSN number. If this takes longer than two weeks, you might want to open a bank account with Bunq (although the service costs are a bit higher) which doesn’t immediately require a BSN number. With Bunq you will have to provide your BSN number within three months. You can read more about opening a bank account with Bunq on their website.

  • Accessing WiFi networks on campus

    As an AUC student, you have access to the UvA's and VU's wireless networks at various UvA and VU buildings and in lecture and study rooms. Internet access in the student residences is provided, but you must bring your own wireless router and ethernet cable.

    UvA wireless networks

    To access the UvA wireless networks, you will need your UvAnetID and log-in. Below you can find the steps and software needed to access the WiFi networks on UvA campuses. These networks are titled "eduroam" or "uva". 

    Accessing VU wireless networks

    The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam campuses also use the "eduroam" wireless network. Once you set-up your log-in for the UvA campuses, you will be able to access the VU wireless facilities as well. Alternatively, once you have access to your VUnetID, you can also visit the link below to set-up "eduroam" via your VUnetID if you wish to do so. 

    WiFi in the student residences

    An internet connection by internet provider Ziggo is included in the service costs of your rental contract. In order to set-up a wireless network, you will need to bring your own wireless router and install it in your room. A cabled internet connection will be available on arrival at the dorms (please bring your own ethernet cable). You can find more information via the DUWO website about available services and more specific information on types of routers via the ittdesk website via the links below.

    Amsterdam Science Park open wireless network

    Should you have an issue connecting to the UvA wireless networks, there is also an open WiFi network available throughout Amsterdam Science Park. The network is named "Amsterdam Science Park" and requires just a simple click and agreement to terms of use before being connected.

  • Making requests using the digital AUC Service Desk

    Do you have a specific question not answered on the website or on Canvas? For all such requests, you can open a "call" in the digital AUC Service Desk. This will allow you to send us your question directly and our professional staff will work to resolve your issue.

    These various departments include, but are not limited to:

    • Registrar's Office 
    • Admissions & Housing
    • Services & Communications
    • Board of Examiners
    • AUC Scholarship Fund 
    • Community Projects and Internships
    • International Office (Studying Abroad)
    • SIS and Canvas support 
    • (Class)room reservations

    Please allow for up to four (4) working days for us to answer your question. After opening a "call", you will receive a confirmation email and "call" number. Please record your number for future reference so that you avoid opening multiple cases on the same topic (which can delay your response time).

    Requesting documents, statements, official transcripts or actions

    Through the digital AUC Service Desk you may also request several important official documents that may be scanned and emailed to you or can be picked up from AUC's reception desk. You may also ask for specific actions from the registrar's team such as a course addition, or dropping a course, or even signaling to our team that you wish to terminate your enrolment completely.

    Documents that can be requested digitally:

    • Official transcript (list of grades)
    • Statement to confirm your proficiency in English (being enrolled in an English-taught programme)
    • Proof of enrolment 
    • Statement of (expected) graduation


    • Course additions (first consult with tutor)
    • Course load reductions (first consult with tutor)
    • Scholarship renewal
    • Informing AUC of your withdrawal/termination of your enrolment as a student 

    If you're unsure about where to submit your request, you can also always consult your academic tutor.

  • Review essential AUC documents and manuals

    There are a few key documents that you need to know and be aware of while studying at AUC. Ranging from helpful hints to important academic procedures and protocols, please take the time to read and review the documents found below. If you have any questions after reviewing these documents, please contact your academic tutor. 

    1. Academic Standards and Procedures
    2. Student Handbook
    3. Social and Academic Codes of Conduct
    4. Board of Examiners Rules and Guidelines

    The Academic Standards and Procedures contains a complete explanation of the academic programme, including grading, requirements for graduating, attendance policies and more. While your academic tutor can assist you, it is your responsibility to read and understand the information in this document. The Student Handbook will answer many of your questions for being a student at AUC and contains an overview of the resources available to you, while the Social and Academic Codes of Conduct includes information on what we expect from you as a member of the AUC community. The Board of Examiners Rules and Guidelines highlights the role of the Board of Examiners in upholding and interpreting the Academic Standards and Procedures. 

  • Student email address

    All AUC students have an AUC mailbox on the Microsoft 365 platform at their disposal. You can log on to Microsoft 365 and you will always receive emails from AUC at this AUC email address. As an additional service, the emails you receive in your AUC mailbox are also forwarded to the email address you submitted as your correspondence address in Studielink. If you are happy with this, no further action is required. If you'd like to change this, you can find out how to do so here. For more information on setting up your student email address, please visit the link below. 

  • Course schedules

    Your course schedule is available in AUC Portal.

    If you already have a UvAnetID, you can log in to AUC Portal using your UvAnetID to access your course schedule. There you can find an overview of which courses you're registered for, the timetable, which classes are taking place online and the locations of the physical components of classes on campus (if any). Your academic tutor will be your primary contact for any questions about your course schedule, and you can discuss these questions during your individual meeting that will take place on Thursday or Friday of Introduction Week. 

    Please note: if you log in to AUC Portal and your course schedule is blank after 27 August, please send an email to

    If you do not yet have a UvAnetID, then you will be sent an email with a link to access your course schedule. You should receive this email by Friday 27 August. Through that link, you will be able to see which courses you are registered for, which classes will take place online and which will take place on-campus (if any), in addition to the times and locations (if applicable) of your courses. Your academic tutor will be your primary contact for any questions about your course schedule, and you can discuss these questions during your individual meeting that will take place on Thursday or Friday of Introduction Week. 

    Please note: if you do not have a UvAnetID and have not received an email with a link to your course schedule by 27 August, please send an email to

  • Download Microsoft Teams

    Using Microsoft Teams 

    Every student of the University of Amsterdam, including AUC students, has free access to collaboration software Microsoft Teams. A multi-functional tool, Microsoft Teams allows you to chat, work together in various documents, share your screen, make video calls and much more. You can find more information on how to download Microsoft Teams and some tips on how to make the most of the software when working with fellow students. 

  • Download videoconferencing software Zoom


    Zoom is a videoconferencing service that allows you to easily connect remotely with fellow students and lecturers at AUC. You can use Zoom to follow courses online (if necessary), to meet with fellow students and lecturers, or to work on group assignments. Zoom offers possibilities to chat during a meeting or to share your screen. At AUC, many lecturers and staff will be using Zoom to host virtual meetings. You can find instructions on how to download, install and log in to Zoom via the link below.

  • Academic tutor

    When you enrol at AUC, you are automatically assigned an academic tutor. Your tutor will be a member of AUC staff that is specialised in guiding students through the AUC curriculum. They can assist you in making course choices, explaining the requirements of the programme, offer advice on graduate programmes and much more. Your tutor will serve as your primary point of contact for all academic matters throughout your three years of studying. You'll meet with them during the first day of Introduction Week and you'll continue to meet with them regularly throughout your three years at AUC.  You will receive the name of your tutor the week before the Introduction Week.