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Arrival and housing

Introduction Week 2021: 30 August - 3 September

As an AUC student, you are guaranteed on-campus housing for the three years of your study. For international students, please be sure to read and review the information on how the coronavirus pandemic may impact your arrival. You should review not only the information on this site but also on the Dutch government's website regarding rules and regulations on entering the Netherlands and if you'll need to quarantine.

  • Check for travel advisories & entry conditions

    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, international travel has seen multiple restrictions that depend largely on your country of origin. The Dutch government policy now in place states that residents from countries where the risk to health is either comparable to or lower than that of the Netherlands can enter the Netherlands.

    You can check who is advised to quarantine upon arriving in the Netherlands on the Dutch government's website.

    You can read more information on these policies on the Dutch government websites below. If you have further questions about your arrival in the Netherlands due to possible impacts of the coronavirus, please send us an email. 

  • Free COVID-19 self-tests available to students

    All registered students at AUC are eligible for free COVID-19 self-tests. Going forward, self-testing will remain important. Along with the UvA, we're encouraging every student and staff member to perform a self-test at least twice a week, even if vaccinated. These tests can be ordered free of charge at Self-testing and vaccinations allow us all to contribute to a safe campus and the further easing of measures in the education system.

  • Free COVID-19 vaccines from the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) without appointments

    The Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) is offering students who would like to receive a COVID-19 vaccination the chance to do so for free without an appointment at Amsterdam RAI. You simply need to show up at the location listed below during opening hours.

    Location and times

    • Location: Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam
    • Times: 08.00-20.00

    No BSN number needed

    You do not need to have a BSN number to be vaccinated at this location. If you don't have a BSN number, an anonymous BSN number will be used. Additionally, the GGD will not share any information with the IND (immigration services) or other authorities. 

    Choice between Pfizer and Janssen vaccines

    You don't need to make an appointment in advance, and when you arrive, you will be able to choose between receiving a Pfizer or Janssen vaccine. If you choose the Pfizer vaccine, you will receive a second vaccination a couple of weeks after the first.  

    The Public Health Service of Amsterdam has made it their goal to ensure that all those who want to receive a vaccine have access to one. You can view more information on their website via the link below. 

  • Collecting your room keys from DUWO

    Upon arriving in Amsterdam, the first thing on your mind will be getting moved into the student residences. The student residences are owned and operated by housing association DUWO. DUWO manages the housing complex, maintenance and contracts for all AUC students.

    Before arriving at AUC, you should have been invited to select a room via DUWO's website. Once you've selected the room and confirmed your rental contract start-date and move-in date, you will receive information from DUWO regarding collecting your keys.  

    This year, there will be one general move-in date on 2 August 2021. There may be a small group of students asked to collect their keys at a later date, but these students will be contacted separately. If you have concerns about your arrival time or date, please contact DUWO to arrange an alternate pick-up time with their office. If you have issues during your move-in on location, you can call the DUWO office via 0900-2353896 and ask for Jamila Lakhai (the DUWO staff member who handles AUC housing).

  • Registering with the municipality of Amsterdam & receive your BSN

    Since you'll be living in Amsterdam for longer than four months,  you must register your address with the city. You should try to do this within 5 days of your arrival in the Netherlands. Due to the coronavirus, this is may not always be possible, and you should wait until after at least 10 days if you are advised to self-quarantine. Please do try to make an appointment as soon as is reasonably possible.

    How to make an appointment to register

    To register at the municipality of Amsterdam, you will need to make an appointment.

    Only register through the University of Amsterdam's website

    For students, there will be a link available on the UvA website starting 5 August where you can make an appointment to register with the City of Amsterdam. Please note that this is a different link and appointment system than listed on the City of Amsterdam's website. Please make your appointment directly through the University of Amsterdam's website here and not through the municipality website. Please select the location "Amsterdam Oost (Oranje-Vrijstaatplein 2)" when asked where you want to make the appointment. The UvA has made special agreements with the City of Amsterdam in order to ensure you receive your BSN number as soon as possible and do not experience excessive delays in your registration. 

    • Your valid passport, plus a copy of this passport with the pages that have your personal details and photo. If you have more than one nationality and more than one passport, you are required to bring all your passports.
    • A printed copy of your rental contract. This is the contract you sign with DUWO.
    • Your student card or proof of registration at a university.

    Citizen service number (BSN)

    Once you’ve registered, you will be given a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN). This is required for many things in the Netherlands, including opening a bank account, visiting a doctor or getting hospital treatment. You will receive your BSN shortly after your appointment.

  • Moving into your room: self-quarantining

    You can check who is advised to quarantine upon arriving in the Netherlands on the Dutch government's website.

    Guidelines for quarantining

    If you are travelling from one of the countries for which it is advised to quarantine or you have symptoms (or have been in contact with someone who may have symptoms), this means that for the first 10 days:

    • Don’t leave your accommodation.
    • Do not receive visitors.
    • During the self-quarantine period do not travel or go to another location in the Netherlands. People arriving from abroad may not return to their country of origin.
    • Study from home and do not use public transport.
    • If you need medical assistance, do not go to the doctor or the hospital, but phone the doctor instead.
    • Ask other people to do grocery shopping for you.

     If you get tested on day 5 you might be able to shorten the quarantine period. You can find more information on the Dutch government's website here.

    Quarantining in the dorms

    We understand that you may have some reservations or questions on how you are supposed to quarantine (if applicable) when moving into the dorms or returning to the dorms. If you are living in a single room, these measures are less complicated than if you're living in a shared room. For some general information on DUWO’s policy on quarantining, please view the DUWO website.

    If receiving deliveries in the dorms, please be careful about the security doors in the dorms. While you can let people into the mail area, the delivery person may not be able to get to your room. When quarantining, you should not leave your room to open the doors to the building. This means that you should coordinate with a neighbour or fellow student that deliveries go to their room first and that they can leave any deliveries in front of your doorstep

    If you are living in a shared room, we suggest that you reach out to your roommate beforehand to make arrangements for returning and quarantining, as you would have to avoid any contact with them during the 10 day quarantine period.

    Tips on quarantining in shared rooms

    Below you will find some of the tips that we've shared with our students regarding sharing a room when one must quarantine during the coronavirus:

    • If you have separate bedrooms, encourage your housemate to stay in their bedroom as much as possible and keep your distance from each other.
    • If you share a bedroom, you may like to consider moving your mattress temporarily into another room if possible or moving the beds as far away from each other as possible.
    • If you are sharing a kitchen, do not use it at the same time as your housemate and you should both clean it thoroughly between uses.
    • If you share a bathroom, clean it thoroughly between uses.
    • You can offer to do grocery shopping for your housemate and could think about offering to cook for them so they don’t have to use the kitchen and leave their meals for them at their bedroom door.
    • You can also consult the RIVM website and FAQs on what to do if your housemate is sick. If you are anxious about your situation or your housemate’s condition, please contact the Student Life Officer.

    Please note that the above also applies to anyone who was informed through contact tracing or otherwise that they should self-isolate due to a potential risk of infection.

  • Moving into your room: furniture

    The majority of rooms in the student residences are unfurnished. Unless you specifically selected a furnished room, you will need to bring or buy furniture, including a bed and kitchen equipment/appliances. There are multiple shops in the neighbourhood and greater Amsterdam area where you can buy furniture and home goods, including Praxis, Big Bazar, Xenos, a variety of kringloopwinkels (second-hand shops) and of course IKEA. Another option is to purchase furniture from former tenants. You can check the Class of 2024 Facebook group for more information on furniture sales from those moving out. 

    Please note that, especially if you're quarantining upon arrival, it may be helpful to know that IKEA has a delivery service that will bring your order directly to the dorms. 

    AUC Pop-Up Free Store

    There will also be a temporary AUC Pop-Up Free Store that will open in the AUC student residences. From 1 August to 10 September 2021, any (incoming) students can come to browse and take anything they may need for their room. All items in the Free Store will be donated by other AUC students who have either graduated, moved out or want to get rid of a certain item. By the end of September, all the remaining items will be donated to a charity shop.