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Starting your studies at AUC

Introduction Week: 30 August - 3 September 2021

We want to make sure that all first-year students have a smooth start to their studies at Amsterdam University College. A mix of social and practical events, the AUC Introduction Week allows incoming students to get acquainted with their new home, cover important academic information needed to start their courses and give them the chance to officially meet their tutor, fellow classmates and kick off the academic year together. Please note that participation in the AUC Introduction Week is mandatory for first-year students and will take place from Monday 30 August 2021 to Friday 3 September 2021 in Amsterdam.

While the format of the AUC Introduction Week 2021 is subject to certain coronavirus regulations in place, we will provide you with resources and explanations of what you need to do before the semester starts both online and in-person. The exact programme and (digital) events are published here and will be sent to new students in the weeks before the Introduction Week.

After Introduction Week

After Introduction Week is over, all first-year AUC students will be required to attend additional plenary sessions in September. These are run by the Student Life Officer and are meant to help with your transition to life at AUC and living independently. Please note that attendance at these sessions is mandatory.

Questions about Introduction Week? Contact us

You can find an overview of who you can contact regarding your arrival, academics, the Introduction Week programme, social events and more in the listing via the link below.
  • AUC Introduction Week Programme 2021

    Click on each of the tiles below to see the programme per day. You can also find the Zoom links for online activities on the programme page by clicking on the time and name of the activity.

AUC Introduction Week 2021: Programme

FAQ: Starting your studies at AUC

Where do you get your course schedule? How do you learn about student clubs on campus? Where do you get your student card? Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about starting your studies at AUC!

Practical matters and essential resources

Check here for an overview of practical matters and essential resources for getting started at AUC, including important documents to review and where to find the information you'll need to begin your studies.

Coronavirus measures on campus

The measures taken by the Dutch government to limit the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have inevitably had consequences for students and staff at AUC. Learn more about the current measures in effect and what you can expect when arriving on campus.

Study choice and coronavirus

As a prospective student, the coronavirus pandemic may leave you with concerns and questions about choosing a study programme and starting at university. For this reason, we've compiled a helpful overview describing how education is taking place at AUC, what to expect in Autumn 2021 and information on how to get to know AUC online while physical visits are restricted.