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FAQ: What are the majors?

AUC offers majors in sciences, social sciences and humanities. When you apply to AUC, you choose one of these majors as your prospective major, and you confirm your choice at the end of your first year. Most students confirm their choice of major without change at the end of their first year. If you do want to change major during your first year, this is possible, but you have to discuss it carefully with your AUC tutor before confirming your choice, as a change of major has a big impact on your study programme.

Together with your AUC tutor, you will put together a coherent package of courses in your major to follow during your second and third years, focusing on the subjects that interest you most. Your tutor will help to ensure that your study programme will meet the general graduation requirements and the graduation requirements for your major.

Your tutor will also help to make sure your major and study programme fits with your future ambitions. If you want to go on to study a particular Master's programme, for example, you may need to include specific courses in your major.