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FAQ: How are the rooms allocated?

If you are offered a place at AUC and you accept it, you will be placed on the list to select your room in the DUWO room selection system in May-June. AUC will upload your personal details into the DUWO room selection system, after which you will receive an invitation to log in and choose your own room.

In the room selection system you will be able to see all the types of rooms available to you in  various listings. There will be places on offer in shared units (of 2 or 4 students) as well as a limited offer of single rooms. Each of the rooms may have slight variations in terms of its location in the building, window placement, etc. Most of the room listings in the selection system will include a floorplan, dimensions and rental price. Unfortunately, it does not include any personal information about your roommates. It is not possible to select a shared unit with a tenant of the opposite sex.

In a small number of cases, first-year students may be allocated a temporary occupancy room that is a shared, furnished unit for either two or three students. These rooms are of a temporary nature, as all students placed in these rooms will be given a permanent room by the end of their first year.

Since the accommodation is a mix of shared and single units, it is not possible to give all students a single unit. Especially in your first year, you may have to live in a shared unit. Towards the end of the spring semester in your first year, you will once again be invited to the DUWO room selection system to be given a chance to move internally within the residences during the summer break. Most students will then be able to get a single room.

All units are decorated, and have curtains, floorcoverings and kitchen cupboards with a sink, as well as a toilet/shower room. The units are rented unfurnished, so you are expected to bring your own furniture and kitchen equipment. However, there is the option to buy some basic items of furniture from DUWO's own furniture supplier EOS, at DUWO prices. Rather, we would advise you to use the online ordering system of IKEA (or equivalent) and have the furniture delivered to your room at a much friendlier price. You may also be able to buy some second-hand furnishings from graduating AUC students through various listings on Facebook or other digital platforms/markets.

All practical questions about the student residences should be directed to DUWO (see link below).

Housing requests for health reasons or physical needs

In some cases, students may want to request a certain type of room from the start of their studies for health reasons or physical needs. For example, a student who uses a wheelchair may wish to request a room near an elevator, or a student with a severe food allergy may want to request a single room. If you would like to make a special request for your accommodation, please contact the AUC Student Life Officer via the link below for more information.

The Student Life Officer will review your request and place you on a waitlist for special accommodations in housing. Please note that due to the limited amount of rooms, all such requests cannot immediately be accommodated. If you have accepted an offer at AUC, you should be sure to inform the Student Life Officer of your request for specific housing needs related to physical or medical reasons as soon as you have received the instructions for choosing a room from AUC (typically in late May - early June if starting your studies in September).