Practical information for new students

Here are some practical tips and useful information for students who have accepted an invitation to study at AUC and will be arriving in September 2019 to start their studies.

Introduction activities

Introductory activities for students starting in September 2019 will be organised from 26-30 August 2019, the week before the start of classes, and all new students are expected to participate. More details on the activities surrounding the introduction week will be communicated by email. 

International students are advised to arrive at least a week prior to introduction week in order to allow sufficient time to attend to practical matters such as getting a residence permit and opening a bank account.

Allocation of rooms in the student residences

DUWO, the housing association that runs the student residences, allocates the rooms to students. For more information, see link below. The accommodation is a mix of shared and single units. Please note that while DUWO will do their best to respect your preferences when allocating your accommodation, they cannot guarantee it. There are limited numbers of single units, so particularly in your first year, you may have to live in shared accommodation (in some units, this can mean sharing a bedroom).

Moving into the student residences

DUWO usually arranges to be present at AUC on to hand out keys to new students. Otherwise, you can collect your key from DUWO at their offices between 08.30 and 17.00 on working days (Monday to Friday). For more information see the link below.


The IT facilities at AUC, such as the wireless network throughout the academic building, have been set up to enable students to use their own laptops for their studies. There are, therefore, no computer labs or PCs for student use in the AUC academic building. AUC students are expected to bring their own laptops.

For more information and recommended specifications for laptops, please see the link below.

Talk to an AUC student!

Would you like to talk directly to an AUC student about their experience at AUC? See the information below on how to contact one of our students to ask about the academic programme, student life at AUC, living on the AUC campus and other questions you may have about studying at AUC.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

3 May 2019