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Current students

Canvas, Writing Centre and other services

All information for current students can be found in the digital learning environment Canvas. Once you have enrolled as a student at AUC, you will automatically receive an invitation to join the Student Information course page where you will find information on relevant topics in an A-Z format in addition to periodic announcements and event listings.

  • AUC Writing Centre

    Welcome to the AUC Writing Centre. The Centre is here to help you with any aspect of your writing, from specific assignments, general writing skills to ESL (English as a Second Language) support. The Centre is staffed by AUC’s highly skilled academic writing team, who also teach the Academic Writing Skills and Advanced Research Writing courses. Please note that the Writing Centre has been established to help you further improve your writing. This means that it is not an editing service: you cannot make an appointment and ask the instructor to proofread your work. To learn more about who we are and what we do, please visit the site via the link below. Please note that making appointments for the AUC writing centre is temporarily not possible. For assistance with your writing, you can also make an appointment at the UvA Writing Centre. 

  • AUC Digital Service Desk

    Are you a current student and have a specific question that isn't answered on the website or on Canvas? Opening a "call" in the Digital AUC Service Desk allows you to send your question directly to the correct member of our support staff team, including issues related to:

    • Registrar's Office

    • Admissions & housing

    • Board of Examiners

    • AUC Scholarship Fund 

    • SIS and Canvas support 

    • Room reservations

    • Document requests (including proof of enrolment or transcript)

    Please allow for up to four working days to receive an answer to your question. Should your request be more urgent, then we recommend that you visit the AUC Service Desk in person during office hours.

  • AUC Graduate Futures Information on Canvas

    This Canvas environment has been developed as a space to help AUC students prepare for their life after graduating. In order to help students realise their goals, AUC has developed a programme tailored to the individual needs and ambitions of students so that they can take the first steps into their future study or career paths.

    The programme will help them decide which Master's/career preparation activities to focus on and will help them create a career plan. There are several assignments to give students a sense of what they can and may want to do. All in all, these exercises help give clarity on how to proactively give shape to their future.

    The modules consist of short texts, extensive guides, tests, assignments and informative videos. Students can decide to share the assignments with their tutors or the Master's & career coach to discuss them and reflect on what they mean.

    AUC students can access the AUC Graduate Futures Information on Canvas via the link below and by logging in with their student number. 

  • UvA Job Board and Career Services

    Use your UvAnetID to log-in and view internship and job listings for AUC and UvA students. You can also find the contact information of the UvA Career Services centre to learn more about the support services available to you or to make an appointment for further advice.