Application & procedures ASF Scholarship

Here you can find the ASF Scholarship application form and practical information regarding ASF scholarship deadlines, amounts and selection criteria.

ASF scholarship application deadlines

The deadline for applications for an ASF Scholarship for students starting at AUC in September 2019 has passed (1 April 2019). The online application form for students starting their studies at AUC in February 2020 will be available online in September 2019.


Scholarships starting in September 2019

The deadline for submitting your application for a scholarship starting in September 2019 has passed and new applications for scholarships for September 2019 are no longer being accepted. Selection will be done as quickly as possible in April 2019 for scholarships for students starting at AUC in the Autumn 2019 semester, and you will be notified in late April/early May 2019 if you have been awarded an ASF scholarship. No correspondence with the ASF Selection Committee or ASF Board about the selection will be accepted.

Scholarship amounts

The AUC Scholarship Fund offers two levels of full ASF Scholarship:

  • EU students: EUR 5100 per year
  • Non-EU students: EUR 15300 per year

"EU students" includes Dutch students, and refers to students who are eligible to pay the statutory tuition fee for AUC (wettelijk collegegeld).

Partial scholarships may also be awarded (these are usually 50% of the above amounts).

To compare scholarship levels with the costs of studying at AUC, please follow the link below to our webpage on fees and costs.

Selection and selection criteria

The ASF Selection Committee, consisting of representatives of the ASF sponsors and an independent chair, considers all the applications and recommends to the ASF Board which students should receive a scholarship.

ASF Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need.

In order to be eligible for selection for an ASF Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must apply for a place at AUC. Admission to AUC is a separate process. For more information on applications and admissions, see the links in the left-hand menu. Only AUC students can receive an ASF scholarship.
  • You must have excellent school results. These will be taken into consideration by the ASF Selection Committee when assessing your academic merit. They will not see your AUC admission application, but they will receive information on your average secondary school grade (GPA). If you want to communicate anything to the Committee about your school results, make sure you include it in your letter of motivation.
  • You must have a strong motivation to study at AUC. The ASF Selection Committee will look for this in your letter of motivation.
  • The ASF Selection Committee is also interested in your extracurricular accomplishments and activities relevant for AUC, as well as your (potential) leadership profile and skills. Make sure you write about these in your letter of motivation.
  • You must be able to demonstrate your financial need. In other words, explain in your letter of motivation why it will not be possible for you to study at AUC without a scholarship. 

Family income threshold

If your family income is above a certain amount, you will not be eligible for an ASF scholarship. You will need to send financial documents about your family income with your scholarship application. Only the total amount of your family income will be revealed to the Selection Committee members, and only to them. They will not see your financial documents, these will be used strictly internally and only to verify the information you have provided.

  • If you are Dutch and/or eligible for Dutch student finance (studiefinancering) then your family income is measured by your eligibility for the additional grant (aanvullende beurs) from DUO. In order to be eligible for an ASF scholarship, you must receive or be eligible for the maximum additional grant (maximum aanvullende beurs).
  • If you are not Dutch and not eligible for Dutch student finance (studiefinancering), then you need to calculate the total annual income before tax deductions of your parents/guardians, including non-taxable income such as benefits or pensions. This total needs to be below EUR 46,000 for you to be eligible for an ASF scholarship.

Conditions for receiving an ASF Scholarship

ASF Scholarships will only be awarded to the selected students who meet the following requirements. If you fail to meet the following requirements, you cannot receive financial support.

  • An ASF Scholarship awardee must be fully admitted to Amsterdam University College. The ASF Scholarship cannot be transferred to another academic year or another academic programme.
  • An ASF Scholarship awardee must have satisfied all visa and residence permit requirements, if applicable.
  • An ASF Scholarship awardee must have proven both merit and financial need.
  • An ASF Scholarship awardee may not receive another full coverage scholarship for the same period of study as the ASF Scholarship. AUC must be notified (contact the AUC Scholarship Fund, see link below) if the student has been awarded another full scholarship, and which scholarship the student has decided to accept.

Payment of scholarship

ASF Scholarships are paid directly to the students in 10 monthly instalments. Students are responsible for paying their AUC tuition fee themselves; the Scholarship Fund does not pay their tuition fees for them.

Conditions for maintaining an ASF Scholarship

We have high expectations of ASF Scholarship holders. You will be expected to maintain good academic standing throughout your AUC studies, with good grades and no periods of probation, or risk losing your scholarship. You will be evaluated after one year of study at AUC, and your ASF Scholarship will be awarded for another year if you:

  • have successfully passed the first year (a GPA of at least 3.0 and preferably with a GPA ≥ 3.5)
  • receive a positive recommendation at the end of your first year from your AUC tutor and the Board of Examiners
  • can prove that the financial need base has not changed.

The same procedure is followed at the end of your second year. ASF Scholarships are not, in principle, awarded for more than three years/six semesters in total.

If you are receiving an ASF Scholarship and you decide to, or have to, end your studies at AUC without graduating, your ASF Scholarship will be terminated, and you must reimburse the AUC Scholarship Fund in full for all the ASF Scholarship payments you have already received.

ASF Scholarship holders are important ambassadors for AUC and for the Scholarship Fund. They are expected to participate in activities with AUC sponsors and other AUC contacts, including the AUC alumni network, and to cooperate in the promotion of the ASF. Your ASF Scholarship may be terminated if you unreasonably refuse to participate in such activities.


For general questions regarding AUC scholarships, please contact the AUC Scholarship Fund using the link below.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

4 April 2019