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Here you will find general information about the AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF). Please follow the links on the left for more information on applying for a scholarship.

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AUC Scholarship Fund Mission

Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports excellence and diversity in the AUC student body by facilitating access to the AUC programme for talented low-income and minority students. The ASF is funded entirely by donations from a variety of sponsors and stakeholders. Through awarding scholarships, the AUC Scholarship Fund supports selected students while they complete their Bachelor's degree at Amsterdam University College.

The AUC Scholarship Fund is an independent, separate foundation (stichting) run by the ASF Board.

Please use the links to the left to find out more about applying for a scholarship, and for information about the sponsors of the AUC Scholarship Fund.

How to apply for an ASF Scholarship

Follow the link below to learn more about applying for an ASF Scholarship, including procedures, the application form and upcoming deadlines.


The Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) is designated as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) in the Netherlands since 1 January 2015. An ANBI is a church, religious, charitable, cultural, scientific or other institution that serves the general interest of society. Donations of goods or money to an ANBI may be tax deductible for the donor. ANBIs are required to publish certain information. The ASF has gathered this information in a single document for your convenience, which you can download using the link below.

ANBI ASF,Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund

How to donate

Individuals and organsations are welcome to make financial donations to the AUC Scholarship Fund. For more information on how to donate, please follow the link below.

ASF Annual Review 

Read more about the activities and developments of the ASF Scholarship Fund by downloading the latest ASF Annual Review using the link below.


For general questions regarding AUC scholarships, please contact the AUC Scholarship Fund using the link below.

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10 September 2019