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Pre-med track at AUC

The Pre-med Track is a programme that will prepare you for admission to VUmc or AMC medical pre-master programmes (schakelprogramma geneeskunde). AUC's curriculum includes a 'Health and Well-being' theme that intends to support students who would like to go on to study at postgraduate programmes in the health and life sciences. In particular, AUC in collaboration with the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC, the former AMC and VUmc) has developed a so-called "pre-med track" for those students who would like to enter a Dutch medical pre-master programme (zij-instroom) after graduating from AUC.

AUC pre-med courses

The AUC Pre-med Track consists of eight courses in the medical sciences which cover subjects relevant for admission to the pre-master medicine programmes of VUmc and AMC (see minimum exam requirements below).

  • 100 Level:
  • The Human Body I
  • Introduction to Health & Well-being
  • 200 Level:
  • Hormones and Homeostasis
  • The Human Body II
  • Immunology
  • Metabolic Biochemistry
  • Molecular Cell  Biology
  • 300 Level:
  • Infectious Diseases

Pre-med studies (schakelprogramma's geneeskunde) UvA/AMC and VUmc

After completion of the AUC pre-med track, students will be eligible to apply to either the VUmc or AMC medical pre-master programmes. Please note that the entrance requirements for both medical pre-master programmes are selective and competitive, meaning that although AUC graduates will be eligible, there is no guarantee that they will be selected for a place in the programme.

VUmc's (VU's) medical pre-master (geneeskunde) Zigma programme

UvA's medical pre-master Geneeskunde programme

Other medical pre-master programmes in the Netherlands

Other universities in the Netherlands also offer medical pre-master programmes that AUC alumni have attended. These programmes typically involve a half-year or full year of additional study. All of these programmes are selective and competitive, meaning that while there is no guarantee to be accepted, the courses in AUC's pre-med track will help prepare students for the selection procedures and exams. 

You can find more information and an overview of various medical pre-master programmes in the Netherlands via the link below.