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Pre-law track at AUC

AUC has developed a pre-law track, which incorporates existing AUC law track courses. If students complete the mandatory and elective courses in this track, and meet the Dutch language requirements, they will be admissible to the pre-master programme UvA-AUC ‘Civiel Effect’ Law Pre-Master Programme (LLB) [more information below].

AUC pre-law track courses

  1. Five mandatory courses (30 EC):

    • 200 level:
    • Principles of Private Law (6 EC)  
    • Constitutional and Administrative Law (6 EC)  
    • International Law  (6 EC)
    • 300 level:
    •  European Union Law (6 EC)
    •  Criminal Justice Systems (6 EC)
  2. Three elective law courses (18 EC); any AUC course (cross-)listed in the law track (see info sheet via the link below for specific courses)
  3. Capstone thesis with a legal focus (ideally supervised by a legal scholar) (12 EC)

NB: Community projects and internship credits do not count as electives toward the pre-law track qualification nor do off-campus/study abroad (law) courses, nor the Amsterdam Law Trials.

UvA-AUC ‘Civiel Effect’ Law Pre-Master Programme (LLB)

AUC, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), offers the opportunity for (Dutch speaking) AUC students with an interest in a legal career in the Netherlands to participate in the one-year UvA-AUC ‘Civiel Effect’ Law Pre-Master Programme (LLB) upon completing the AUC pre-law track.  To practice law as an attorney, public prosecutor or judge in the Netherlands, and be admitted to the Dutch bar, requires the special qualification of ‘civiel effect’.

Dutch speaking AUC students that have completed the AUC ‘pre-law track’ will be able to obtain a Bachelor of Laws diploma (LLB) in a fast-track, one-year pre-master programme at the UvA Faculty of Law. In combination with a relevant Dutch law Master’s degree, this will grant graduates the qualification of ‘civiel effect’.