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Life after AUC

Master's degree programmes and careers after graduating

As an AUC graduate, you will have an internationally acknowledged Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Sciences degree (BSc) in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. You will be qualified to apply for a variety of Master's degrees at major universities in both the Netherlands and abroad, or you may choose to start your career in your desired field immediately upon graduating.

After completing the AUC programme, you’ll be qualified to apply for Master’s programmes at the UvA, VU Amsterdam, other Dutch research universities and at prestigious institutions throughout Europe, the US and around the globe. The field of study for which you apply will typically correspond to the tracks or concentrations in which you completed most of your coursework. Additionally, your tutor will assist you in making sure you choose courses that not only meet the AUC graduation requirements, but also ensure that you will have the prerequisites and coursework necessary to qualify for relevant Master's degree programmes. 

Upon graduating, and possibly after completing future graduate studies, our alumni enter the workforce at internationally known companies, research institutes and organisations, or start their own businesses/initiatives. AUC graduates tend to be highly sought after as they combine a high level of academic knowledge with the ability to solve problems, contribute to debates and exhibit an awareness of the social, cultural and personal perspectives that equip them for success, leadership and global challenges.

AUC alumni and graduate study programmes

In the summer of 2020, we surveyed where our alumni ended up studying after graduating from AUC. Of the 1330 alumni surveyed, 78% had either started or completed a graduate degree programme following their AUC degree (please note that this percentage does not account for members of the Class of 2019 who may have taken a gap year and would soon be starting their graduate degree at the time of the survey).

The locations of their graduate degree programmes were diverse, including at least 35 different countries with the most popular destinations being the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and the United States of America.

In terms of institutions, AUC alumni attended more than 165 different universities and programmes for their graduate studies. The most popular universities for alumni to complete their graduate studies in the Netherlands included the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Utrecht University and Leiden University, while the most popular destinations abroad consisted of King’s College London, University College London, the London School of Economics, Sciences Po and Uppsala University.

Generally speaking, the most common fields of study in graduate school included international relations, medicine, law, economics and political science.

AUC alumni and careers

While these statistics offer an indication of the types of careers and range of fields where AUC alumni work, it is by no means exhaustive. Throughout their time at AUC, students are encouraged to discuss their individual career ambitions with their tutor and academic advisors in order to pursue careers and jobs in fields that deal with issues they’re passionate about.

After completing their graduate degrees, the most common fields where AUC alumni go on to find employment included business consultancy/advisory, higher education (research), information and communication industries (such as data scientists), working as policy officers, and health and welfare care. The exact jobs and career paths that AUC students follow tend to be as diverse as the students and personal study plans that they create.

Below you can download a summary of a large-scale survey sent to graduates of all University Colleges in the Netherlands in 2017. The results give valuable insight into not only where AUC students end up studying and working upon graduating, but also the value of a liberal arts and sciences degree both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Amsterdam University College Alumni Association (AUCAA)

Established in July of 2012, the Amsterdam University College Alumni Association (AUCAA) is made up of the graduates of Amsterdam University College. Through a series of networking events (both social and career-oriented), reunions and other activities, along with the use of social media, the AUC Alumni Association connects AUC graduates with each other and with the college, strengthening the AUC community both at home and abroad. Along with their main chapter in Amsterdam, there are also international chapters based in the UK and the US. 

AUCAA,Amsterdam University College Alumni Association