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Excellence and Diversity in a Global City

Welcome to Amsterdam University College!

Established in 2009, Amsterdam University College (AUC) is committed to providing a top-quality liberal arts and sciences education, jointly supported by the two major research universities in Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

Murray Pratt dean AUC,dean amsterdam university college Murray Pratt
Prof. Dr. Murray Pratt

Our community of internationally-oriented students and faculty bring innovation and enthusiasm in developing the successful principles of a liberal arts and sciences education by adapting this approach to address the needs of the 21st century. While studying at AUC, students choose individualised academic paths by combining courses across disciplines, as well as encouraging specialisation in the areas that interest them the most. This diversity of course choice, alongside a vibrant residential campus setting, creates an enriching and motivating environment, where academic excellence flourishes.

Our culture is one that values achievement and inclusivity in equal measure. Selective admissions and continuous evaluation of students are mirrored by an impressive 90% student retention rate and a near 85% in-time completion of the programme. Above all, AUC has a faculty that really cares about their students, working with them not only as academic advisers but also getting to know them as people: their personalities, interests, activities and goals beyond studying.

Our colleagues have been educated in the world’s best universities and are consistently highly rated for their teaching skills and methods by our students. Small class sizes and a personal tutor system ensure inspiring student-professor interaction that results in debates and discussions which challenge both teacher and pupil.

Our curriculum is designed to tackle 21st-century challenges. A focus on fostering student enquiry, from our "Big Questions" courses through to the comprehensive capstone thesis, encourages a balance between a strong foundation of generalised knowledge and highly specialised, individual research. AUC’s curriculum spans the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, and our unique location and structure emphasise scientific discovery alongside the study of cultures and societies in ways that unlock tremendous opportunities for our students.

The location of the campus in the global city of Amsterdam, and especially in Science Park, means access to laboratory-based projects, the facilities of two major universities in the VU and UvA and world-class research institutes working on cutting edge new technologies as neighbours.

At AUC, students undertake some truly striking endeavours. In addition to nearly 30% of them spending a semester abroad, these remarkable individuals also develop inventive service-oriented projects, contribute to fields of knowledge through research-based internships and express their creativity through a wide variety of student-run committees ranging from the performing arts to hosting TEDx talks, a model United Nations and other independent events. Through their many activities, our students embrace their international base in the city of Amsterdam.

They build bridges not only through their own intercultural exchanges, but also with the many neighbourhoods and various communities in the Dutch capital where they are active members in the booming cultural and academic scenes. These individuals thus sustain the spirit of experimentation and social entrepreneurship in which AUC was conceived. As graduates, they retain their hard-working, driven, inquisitive and ever-curious attitude that they fostered at AUC, going on to attend some of the most prestigious Master’s programmes in the Netherlands and abroad, before embarking on doctoral study or careers in a range of professional sectors.

For me, it is a great privilege and an honour to be part of this wonderful community. Daily, I am impressed by the students and my colleagues; their insights, accomplishments and passion for educating and continued ambition to learn. I’m proud to be part of all the collaborative efforts of students and staff in shaping AUC in its present form and to continuously develop the international AUC community as the home of discovery: a place that encourages creativity, embraces imagination and fosters intellectual curiosity.

Prof. Dr. Murray Pratt
Dean of Amsterdam University College

Some key data

AUC's student population Currently over 800 students, nearly 50% from abroad
Extensive Science Curriculum AUC enrolls up to 50% Science majors, over 80 science courses offered
ASF students 10% of students are provided with a scholarship through the AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF).

AUC is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) with the distinctive feature of small-scale and intensive education.