AUC partner schools

AUC collaborates with a select number of partner schools in order to maintain an open dialogue on trends and developments in secondary and higher education.

This mutual understanding is the basis for a smooth transition for students from secondary school to the AUC programme. Cooperation focuses on key areas such as excellence in teaching and learning, diversity, community projects, teacher training, bilingual education, internationalisation and sciences education.

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Collaborating for excellence in education

AUC and its partner schools are interested in a successful transition from secondary to higher education. In order to understand the parameters, predictors and conditions for success, regular consultation is undertaken regarding:

  • Preparation for selective admissions programmes: excellence initiatives at the ​secondary level, academic skills training, adequate levels of mathematics, etc.
  • Review of transition: feedback to partner schools on the study results of their graduates at AUC.

Masters in teaching

Excellent teachers from partner schools deliver a series of master classes at AUC in cooperation with members of AUC’s faculty. Selected students from all partner schools participate in these master classes, guided by AUC students. Read more about this initiative by clicking on the link below.


Diversity is central to AUC’s mission. Several AUC partner schools have strongly diverse student populations. Particular outreach is focused on these schools in order to stimulate their students to join the AUC student community.

Community Projects

AUC students may undertake community projects as part of their curriculum requirements. Partner schools are encouraged to provide openings for AUC students to contribute to their community.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

12 October 2018