Masters in Teaching 2015

The best teachers from AUC’s partner schools teamed up with AUC faculty to co-teach a series of workshops for high school pupils for the Masters in Teaching project, a collaboration of the Sirius Programme, the City of Amsterdam and AUC. In the spirit of interdisciplinarity, this collaboration provided teachers with the opportunity to work beyond their own subjects.

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Students with certificates at the concluding conference

The master classes were given to the most talented pupils of AUC’s partner schools. The pupils were given the opportunity to experience university education and to focus on their chosen themes. Lectures were given on topics within the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, Dutch and English literature, history, art and philosophy. Pupils experienced how high school themes and topics are further explored at the university level. Pupils engaged for the full programme (i.e. all dates), but also composed their individual set of classes (which can be found in the programme below).

Every master class was followed by a workshop in which high school pupils were coached by AUC students. In these workshops, pupils worked on an individual end product, which could take the form of an essay, a song, a dance, a play, an object, a research study or another medium of their choice. The idea of this end product was that it should be inspired by the lecture series and reflect the pupils’ sense of wonder about the world of the sciences and/or humanities.

The kick-off meeting took place on 15 December 2014 with Simone Kukenheim, alderman for Education Amsterdam.

This series of master classes then ran from February-June 2015, with a concluding conference held on 22 June which was attended by, among others, the deputy Minister of Education Sander Dekker.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

18 July 2016