Board of Deans

The top governing body of AUC (the Deans of the sciences faculties of the VU and UvA) is supported by an advisory Board of Deans drawn from both the VU and UvA, which includes at least one Dean of a faculty of humanities and at least one Dean of a faculty of social sciences. AUC’s Student Council nominates a student member to this advisory Board of Deans, and the AUC Dean attends its meetings. The top governing body of AUC needs the approval of the Board of Deans with regard to AUC’s strategic education policy. The Board of Deans also has special responsibility with regard to ensuring deployment of high quality academic staff from the faculties to teach at AUC.

AUC Board of Deans 2019-2020

  • Prof. Dr. Agneta Fischer (Dean, UvA Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. Michel ter Hark (Dean, VU Faculty of Humanities)
  • Prof. Dr. Karen van Oudenhoven-Van der Zee (Dean, VU Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Mr. André Nollkaemper (Dean, UvA Faculty of Law)
  • Phoebe Spence (AUC Student)

Published by  Amsterdam University College

12 August 2019