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AUC 21

Our community’s vision for excellence, diversity and global citizenship

In April 2016, AUC began strategic conversations aimed at bringing together colleagues and students, the college, and representatives of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In brief, this was an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the AUC community to talk about future goals, wider contexts in which the institution operates, various opportunities available and challenges faced.

Issues discussed in working groups included what the institute could do better and the future direction(s) AUC could take. The intention was that the discussions would enable AUC to set strategic priorities for the five year period from 2017–2021 and result in a concrete plan of action for the next few years.

Developing a strategy as a community

This intention was further elaborated on during team meetings, management meetings, consultations and discussions where the ideas were introduced, debated, refined and gradually took shape.

The aim of this exercise was not to radically rethink AUC. On the contrary, the idea started from a position that recognised the existing strengths of AUC and sought to build on the achievements and pillars (excellence and diversity in a global city) of AUC’s founding period while also incorporating ideas from the many discussions that were already taking place.

Ambitions and aims: 2017-2021

The results of the initial phases of discussions are available to read in the document below. It encapsulates over a year’s work by the entire AUC community, thinking together about how to best prioritise the ambitions and aims for the five-year period between 2017–2021. Some of the actions discussed are already being taken, others are being modified and further discussions are still taking place. 

AUC 21: Our community’s vision for excellence, diversity and global citizenship is a living document that will be updated and adjusted as necessary.